Kelsey Lansaw Made a Really Bad Deal…


19-year-old (according to her old inactive MySpace she’s 20) Kelsey Lansaw of Franklin Park, Pensylvania is a fairly recent graduate of North Allegheny High School. An education student at Robert Morris University, she also works at the Forever Young Daycare Center in Pine Township. That’s not her only job though. I guess she needed help putting gas in her daddy’s expensive BMW so she also dealt drugs on the side, in at least one case at the daycare center where she should have been watching the kids. Just makes you want to go right out and enroll your kids there, doesn’t it? Kelsey’s two Facebook accounts can be found here and here.

Lansaw arranged to sell Marijuana to an undercover detective in the parking lot of the daycare center and when she sold him $80 worth of pot she also told him she could get him ecstasy as well. She sent the detective a text message on the Fourth letting him know that she had the drugs. They met up at a local gas station where he paid $750 for a bag of the drug. That’s when Kelsey and a male who rode with her were both arrested by the Coraopolis Police.

Lansaw’s father has been making a fuss with police to get his BMW back, which police have impounded because she used it to make the second drug deal.

One thing I found really entertaining was the fact that when she was arrested Lansaw told the police “I’m a student at Robert Morris University and I’m going to be an elementary education teacher”.

The cop’s answer?

“Not any more, you’re not”

Kelsey Lansaw has been released without bond on charges that include delivery of a controlled substance, posession with intent to deliver, criminal use of a communication facility and criminal conspiracy. She has a preliminary hearing on July 14th.


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  1. interesting post but very sad story i dont think so for helping father she needed to deal the drugs she could ve done anything else..but indeed cant help…i feel sorry for her but strange behavior of her father he asking for BMW ???

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