Justine Martin is Missing


Updated – Justine may have been located. The rest of the update at the bottom of the post.

Justine “Jellybean” Martin was last seen leaving her job in Marietta, Georgia on June 29th to go home and get ready for a date with a man named Sam. She hasn’t been seen since. She lists Receptionist Manager at Vector Marketing as her place of employment on her MySpace page.

As you can read on the missing poster below Justine is 20-years-old, caucasian, brown hair and eyes, 5’4″ and 130 lbs.


If you’ve seen Justine or have any information concerning her whereabouts on or since June 29th please contact the Cobb County Police Department at 770-499-3900

So far there is very little information on this missing person case and I’ve seen nothing whatsoever thus far in the Atlanta media. Hopefully we can get the work out and find Justine.

UPDATED – The Marietta Daily Journal has finally picked up the story and has it posted today. You can find it over here. Last night after I posted this I forwarded to the link to FOX5Atlanta, WSB_TV, CBSAtlanta and the AJC. NONE of them have picked up on the story. Whatever. It’s up to Justine’s family and friends along with the concerned few to spread the word.

According to the MDJ article police have been in touch with Sam, the man who Justine was supposed to have a date with, and they will be speaking with him. Let’s just hope that Justine hasn’t met with something she couldn’t handle. 10 days is an awful long time for someone to be missing unless they are in hiding or deceased.

One thing I found disturbing that the MDJ alluded to is the fact that Justine took off for a few days a couple of years back but even then she stayed in touch with friends. Now any calls to her cell phone roll straight to voice mail. Either it’s off or the battery is dead.

A spokesperson for the Cobb County Police apparently made the statement that “Based on information given to officers by the parents, and based on her prior history and the circumstances of this incident, there is no indication of fould play or that she was abducted”. According to her aunt Kim Thomas, Justine may be upset over the death of her boyfriend back in May.

So they think she is crying wolf? Perhaps. What happens if she isnt?

Update II – As Kim mentioned in the comments it looks as if Justine has been located. Along with the comment over at the Facebook group, Her Aunt’s MySpace page also says that “We have learned through a very reliable source that Justine Martin is safe. We cannot provide any details”

I am certainly glad to hear that she has tentatively been located and is safe.

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  1. Says on the Facebook group update thingie that they heard from her and she’s safe. 😀 Thanks!

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