Scott Nielson is Creepy


Ever wake up with a start while you are in a deep sleep thinking someone was standing over you? It’s an eerie feeling. I’ve awakened to find my youngest daughter just standing there waiting for me to wake up so she could climb in bed with the wife and I. Occasionally it scares the shit out of me, but it’s usually one of the children or a dream.

Unfortunately for a 20-year-old Canton woman, she awakened about five o’clock this morning with that feeling but it wasn’t a dream. She found 20-year-old Scott Nielson sitting on her bed trying to talk with her.

When the woman told him that he needed to get out of there he got ugly (as if he wasn’t ugly enough already) and started throwing things. When she pushed him he grabbed her around the neck and then ran off. A short time later he returned and started to apologize. That’s when the woman’s father came in to the room and started to struggle with him. 911 was called and Nielson ran off again.

Police in the area set up a perimeter and started searching for Nielson, who had been seen trying to swim across a lake in an attempt to get away from the law. They finally found him hiding in a ditch. When they attempted to get arrest Nielson he fought with police, who are currently holding him on charges of Aggravated Assault, Battery, 3 counts of Felony Obstruction, Misdemeanor Obstruction, Giving a False Name to a Police Offcer and Criminal Tresspasing. They also found a car in a local mobile home park that Nielson had stolen. Once Cherokee County gets finished with this creepy fucker he has outstanding warrants from the city of Holly Springs and Carroll and Dawson Counties as well. I’ll have to see if I can find out what he’s wanted for here in Carroll County. That’s where I live.

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  1. i really like your site. I really hate creeps too. regarding the susan baker horror. one of her friends on my space…his face and his comments reminded me of my childhood that was not. jim i think. the countenance on his face witnesseth against him. ewwww…i pray for the safety of any child in that web of freaks. I think what you do is most admirable. Thank You on behalf of the children that are the living dead. For the children that never will trust anyone. For the children that are in cedar chests with baking soda in the dark. To read Sues’ my space one would think her to be decent what with the blessed comments and all the flowers and the angels. What a Crock she is. A real work of art. I wonder where her stepson is…He would be about 30 now. What a sad and pathetic world this is. Thanks for shining a light into the darkness. Shadowscope is currently my favorite page. btw my own brothers do not believe me when i tell them about how trashy their uncles were. Most folks resent light. bye

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