Richard Priode Played With the Band Students


44-year-old Richard C Priode is was a band teacher at Sullivan Middle School in Rock Hill South Carolina. While he is still listed on their web site, he reportedly left halfway through this past school year. His email address at Sullivan is I won’t be posting his MySpace because it looks to actually be that one of the two belonging to his wife. Prior to that he has held teaching positions at South Mecklenburg High School and Laney High School, which is in Wilmington. The reason he’s showing up here is that he has been accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student at South Mecklenburg, where he taught for two years from 2006-2008. He went to work in SC last year. There aren’t currently any reports as to whether he was asked to leave or not but judging from comments I’ve seen this isn’t the first time that Priode was allegedly involved with students sexually or that he has been accused of dealing with students in an inappropriate manner.

Priode was also the band director at the Central Methodist Church in Charlotte. There have been no reports thus far as to his behavior while he was there.

Rumor says that when Priode taught at Laney High School from ’97-2001 he verbally abused the students and created a hostile environment for female students.  He was allegedly reported by more than one parent and the school board has been accused of covering up the incident and allowing him to transfer.

I have also been told that he had to leave Scotland High School in Laurinburg, NC for having porn on his computer. Reportedly his current wife was a senior at Scotland at the time and the lady he was married to at the time divorced him when she found out.

Someone has finally reported the incident to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department which has resulted in the ongoing investigation into Richard Priode’s behavior concerning the incident. He was charged with Indecent Liberties With a Student, which is a felony.

These are all pretty serious allegations against Mr. Priode and if he is guilty of the offenses he needs to stay in jail for a long time. It also brings up another point. It’s one thing if a teacher is caught and then fired, not to return to teaching but quite another when they are allowed to surf from system to system finding new victims each time.

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3 throughts on "Richard Priode Played With the Band Students"

  1. The girl was of legal age to consent to sex. Where’s the crime? If she had met this man at the mall or grocery store there would be nothing said of it. If you dont like teens having sex with ppl over 18, then change the age of consent. While a teacher having sex with a student is morally wrong, legally he did nothing wrong.

  2. Generally the rules (and occasionally the law) for teachers dealing with students has nothing whatsoever to do with the legal age of consent. Also, her being legal makes Priode no less of a douchebag. If there weren’t problems he wouldn’t have had to switch teaching positions so many times. From his past history he is obviously a sexual predator and should be treated as such.

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