Arlayne Curiel Made a Bad Call…


…in more than one way.

Last Friday night 24-year-old Arlayne Curiel (MySpace) met a 13-year-old boy while both were walking around in downtown Albany, Oregon. Apparently she must have told him where she lived and given him some reason to come by the house because around 1 a.m. Saturday morning he showed up. After plying the boy with alcohol she took him to an unoccupied house next door and allegedly raped him.

Sick enough as it is but where this story gets weird is when she mentioned to one of her neighbors in an offhand comment that “she wasn’t sure if she had messed around with a young boy”. WTF? Apparently the word got around to the point where Arlayne felt she was being harassed  by her neighbors.

Did she tell them to mind their own business or go fuck themselves? Did they call the law on this allegedly self-admitted pedophile? Nope, neither of the above. What happened is that Arlayne took it upon herself to call the law and complain about the harassment.

Once police interviewed the neighbors and started to figure out what was going on they went back to talk to Arlayne, who denied having sex with the boy, but after interviewing him they arrested Arlayne Curiel this Tuesday and have charged her with two counts of Sexual Abuse in the first degree, 3 counts of Sodomy in the Second Degree, Rape in the Second Degree, Burglary in the First Degree and Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor. She was lodged in the Linn County jail and I do not currently know what her bond is or if she has made it (Her MySpace account was logged into earlier today).

According to one news site one person who knows Arlayne Curiel says that she may be developmentally disabled and did not know what she was doing is wrong. She may be developmentally disabled but the rest sounds like a bunch of horseshit to me.

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