Christopher King Just Doesn't Learn

Back toward the end of May 36-year-old Christopher Richard King was arrested for allegedly violating the student-teacher relationship. He is accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl from Marietta High School. He was lodged in the Cobb County Jail on $25,000 bond. King, who has taught for Marietta City Schools since 2004, resigned his teaching position the day before he was arrested the first time.

King, who apparently had sex with the girl on several different occasions, was ordered as a stipulation of his bond to not contact the girl, decided that since he must be innocent of any crime it would be OK to send the girl an email. He has been arrested again and sentenced to five days in jail for violating his bond.

The video below is from King’s initial arrest.

What sucks about this whole situation is something I was entirely unaware of. The Georgia Supreme Court apparently ruled back in June that a student of the legal age of consent can legally have sex with a teacher. What the fuck is that about? The inbred fuckers sitting on the court are saying that it’s OK for this man, who is old enough to be the girl’s father, to fuck his students as long as they are 16 or older. King’s attorney states that since the Supreme Court says it is legal and the sex is consensual Christopher King has done nothing illegal and the case should be dropped.

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