Jeffrey Bissonnett Beat the Baby


Back on July 24th 28-year-old Jeffrey Alan Bissonnett’s wife noticed that their 2-month-old baby was crying a lot more than usual and that there was an unusually shaped lump on the back of the little girl’s head. She immediately took the baby to the hospital where doctors found two skull fractures along with broken ribs.

According to police reports she told the police that she suspected her husband, Jeffrey, because he has a history of anger management issues. They arrested Bissonnett the next day (last week) and charged him with Assault and Criminal Mistreatment. He was released on bond this past Monday.

The little girl’s injuries are not life-threatening thank goodness and she is still under the care of the folks at OHSU Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

You can find Jeffrey’s (who oh by the way lists himself as single) MySpace here.

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2 throughts on "Jeffrey Bissonnett Beat the Baby"

  1. This guy should be put away and the key thrown away. Should be castarated as well, and thrown to the dogs!

  2. This guy is crazy ! How could a father do this to his 2 month old child ?? Would love to have him explain why he thinks that he has the privelage to do this.

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