Robert Barth Was Teacher of the Year


Updated 8/21/09 – The Orange County School Board tried unsuccessfully to fire Barth back in 2007 after he was accused twice in five months of inappropriately touching students including one instant of letting a middle school student sit in his lap.

Original Post – Robert Sewell Barth has been teaching 2nd graders for several years at Cheney Elementary in Orange County, Florida.  In 2007 Barth was named teacher of the year at Cheney. He has taught community first aid and safety for the American Red Cross, been a Cub Scout leader and helped certify Girl Scouts. He has also taught Catholic education and been a foster parent to almost 20 children. You would think that Barth is a great member of his community all except for his little secret.

The secret? Robert Barth likes child porn. He has been on “relief of duty” status since last December  because of federal charges of  receiving child pornography. Federal investigators found more than 1100 photos and at least 25 videos containing child pornography on his computer. He admitted during the investigation that he purchased child porn and was addicted to it.

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3 throughts on "Robert Barth Was Teacher of the Year"

  1. I’m sorry, my daughter is in the 2nd grade. If her teacher looked like that, I would have run a mile. Okay, okay, physical appearances can be deceiving. I have the face of a 12 yr old (I’m 38) but my mind is full of all the evil perpetrated in the world and how I despair for humanity….but enough about me. Was there no indication? Did he hurt his foster kids or any one else? Catholic, scouts!!!! OMG it’s all there. Alarm bells are freaking me out.

  2. There is nothing at all in his record but people had to have seen signs. During his hearing his wife made the statement that a another teacher had complained that he hugged the kids too long or something along those lines. I just woke up so I don’t remember exactly where it was.

  3. just because you see something on the news or read it on the internet DOES NOT MAKE IT ALL TRUE!!!!!!!!! HE IS A GOOD MAN…AND ANYONE WHO KNOWS HIM KNOWS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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