Cheyenne Cherry Should Roast in Hell


This is apparently an old story but I must have had my head stuck in the sand back at the beginning of June because until a friend on Facebook sent me a link to it I hadn’t seen it even though Cheyenne is also plastered at a couple of true crime sites I visit as well.

Anyhow, Cheyenne Cherry is only 17 but was identified by law enforcement anyway and charged as an adult, while her 14-year-old accomplice was not. I’m not sure the age cutoff there but I am assuming that it’s either 16 or 17.  So what did Cheyenne Cherry (MySpace 1 and MySpace 2) do that has gotten her into trouble? Well, believe it or not the sweet-looking high school girl is a repeat criminal.

Last year Cheyenne and her boyfriend used a BB gun to steal a Yorkie from a woman. A few days later they sent some friends to return the dog after the owner offered a $500 reward. She also robbed a man at gunpoint for his iPod as well. In both instances she told the police it was “just a joke”

Her peculiar brand of humor (not to mention her behavior) has degenerated into something even worse this year.

Cherry and her 14-year-old friend decided it would be real funny to break into her ex-roommate Valerie Hernandez’s apartment and vandalize it back on May 6th. They stole DVDs and food and then cut up the furniture, unscrewed the light bulbs and threw bleach all over the walls. In the midst of the damage Cherry’s 14-year-old friend took Valerie’s kitten Tiger Lily, threw it in the oven and cranked it up to 500-degrees, roasting the poor beast to death. The only reason the two didn’t stick around to do more damage is because they didn’t want to hear the helpless animal crying and scratching at the door.

tiger_lily A neighbor smelled the burning kitten and thinking that food was burning with no one home, called the fire department. Firefighters found the smoldering remains of Tiger Lily in the oven when they got into the place.

When the two were arrested by the ASPCA Cheyenne blew the incident off as a joke just like she did her previous crimes. She told police “I hate cats” when they questioned her about the incident. She also told them that the two thought they would “play a joke on Valerie and mess up her apartment”.

Cherry, who pleaded guilty in a plea bargain to charges of animal cruelty and attempted burglary back in the middle of July is completely unrepentant. There were several animal rights protesters outside her trial and when one confronted her Cherry responded “It’s dead, bitch!”, stuck her tongue out at another and released a stream of profanities.

Now don’t get me wrong or anything. While I think that animals should be treated right I certainly don’t think of them as being more important than say a child, but wrong is wrong and cold-blooded killers get their start somewhere, usually with small animals and the like. Cheyenne Cherry is a dangerous girl with a long life ahead of her. Let’s hope that her short stint in prison will make something click and put her on the right road. Somehow I seriously doubt it.

Cherry will have to serve a year in prison and her 14-year-old friend will be tried in family court due to the unidentified minor’s age.

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  1. What a piece of fucking shit. Why would ANYONE fucking do that to a poor defenseless animal? KILL THAT BITCH. Burn her alive and maybe then she’ll have a change of heart. Ugly bitch deserves to die slowly and EXTREMELY painfully.

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