Ronald Cummings Arrested for Assault and Burglary


25-year-old Ronald Cummings, Jr, the father of missing girl Haleigh Cummings of Satsuma Florida, was arrested late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning after an altercation with his in-laws.

Apparently 3 members of his 17-year-old wife Misty’s family including her father and brother Hank Sr and Hank Jr showed up at the double-wide trailer they share with Cumming’s grandmother around 11:30 PM Wednesday evening.

According to the police report which you can read in it’s entirety at Jacksonville.Com the Croslins are claiming that Misty called them and said she wanted them to come pick her up, that she didn’t want to be with Cummings anymore. According to Cummings Misty asked them NOT to come. I guess it’s pretty much a moot point now since Ronald Cummings decided to handle it himself and in doing so put himself in the wrong.

When the Croslins showed up Misty refused to get in the van and the argument started to get ugly. Ronald and Hank Jr started scrapping and Misty Croslin broke the fight up and in doing so got hit a couple of times herself. Hank Croslin Jr got back into the van to leave and at that point Ronald got into their van and beat the crap out of Hank Jr.


Once the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived and spoke with everyone involved they ended up arresting Ronald Cummings Jr. for Burglary with Battery. The burglary charge is because he entered their van. Ronald Cummings is out on $12,503 bond.

Ron Cummings’ 5-year-old daughter Haleigh disappeared back in February while he was at work. His wife, who was his girlfriend at the time was babysitting and claims she woke up and noticed the kitchen light on and the back door propped open with a brick. There was quite a bit of media and a huge search. There is currently a $35,000 reward for anyone who finds little Haleigh Cummings.

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  1. This is to the law enforcements: I don’t know what they are smoking. They should have arrested Misty fast ass months ago and she would have told everything she knew….Her ass was not at home and just maybe her brother went into the tailer and took little Haleigh. She have lied many time and I dont believe that she pass not one lie detective test….because if she failed one she failed them all…unless you only asked her what’a her name and she might have pass that….The father tried to contact Misty on the day little Haleigh went missing many of time and was not able to reach her by telephone….If she were to be babysitting she should have answer the phone….SHE WAS NOT HOME. I don’t care how old she is, she must tell the truth so that the law enforcements can better search for little Haleigh…It been 7 long months are anyone thinking about what may be going on with little Haleigh? Is she hurting? Is she alive? We are talking about a 6 years old little girl….Her father should have told the law enforcement the first night the police arrived at his home that he had tried to contact his girlfriend (at the time) and was not able to reach her by phone… It was said that Ron asked Misty brother to go to the trailer where little Haleigh lives and check….This information is a prime key to little Haleigh missing…Now Ron should be a suspect due to lack of information……PUT PRESSURE ON ALL THEIR ASSES….Keep that brother in jail until he tell all…..He knows more….

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