Want to Write Crime Stories?

Just a couple of quick site updates.

1. The pagination is STILL partially broken. Down at the bottom of the page where you hit the link to go to the previous five posts wasn’t working at all until recently. I thought I had managed to get it fixed but now what it seems to be doing is actually skipping the previous group of five and going to the five before that, ad nauseum. I am still in the process of developing the new site to move to but just don’t seem to have the time or patience to get it finished all at once. In order to get to the posts you may have missed you can also go through the archives (the link is also at the top of the page). I have the archive pages build in the background and unlike each post it sometimes can take up to 24 hours to build so the very latest posts won’t show up. You can access ALL posts from each month as well as the last five in each category.

2. I am looking for help here at Shadowscope. I mentioned above my time constraints and they include the fact that I have two children at home, my wife is back in night school when she isn’t working and I work 50-80 hours a week at my real job, all of which come before the blog. If you have an interest in stringing a few words together and can make a modicum bit of sense as well as having a bit of a dark sense of humor I would love to hear from you. Send me a sample of your writing at rm_blogger@yahoo.com or a link to your current blog if you have one and I’ll get in touch with you. I’m not looking for William Shakespeare, if you make more sense than I do (which should be pretty fucking easy) I want to hear from you. I don’t necessarily need someone who wants to bang out 10 posts a day. While that would kick ass and all I realize other people have stuff they like to do in real life as well. You can even just email me a story now and then and I’ll post it. Just let me know when you send it to me if you want it attributed to you or if you want to remain anonymous.

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