Travis Bragg Uses MySpace to Lure His Victims

Travis Lane Bragg

For at least the last year 20-year-old Travis Lane Bragg (MySpace 1 and MySpace 2) has been using his MySpace account (and possibly other sites as well) in order to meet and lure victims in order to rape them. Both of the MySpace pages have been taken down but the URL/Usernames that MySpace left in their search (pictured below) was helpful.

Travis Bragg - MySpace People Search_1250068279674It’s also interesting to note that although both of these are Travis’ accounts he put in different birthdays when he set them up. Before I link to any of the other profiles he has let’s get into what he did.

On August 8th police were called to Winter Haven Hospital to interview a 19-year-old girl who told detectives she had been sexually battered by Bragg. She said she met him through MySpace and became friends. According to the girl Bragg came to her house last Friday night around 11PM and she invited him in. From the Polk County Sheriff’s Office news release:

Once inside the residence, Bragg and the victim sat together on a couch to watch television. After a short time, Bragg moved closer to the victim and began kissing her. He then forced the victim to engage in sex over her verbal protests for him to stop. The victim told detectives immediately following the incident, she ordered Bragg from her home, and he left.

Bragg had committed a similar crime back in 2008 but according to police she was uncooperative. Since the second victim has come forward the woman he raped in 2008 has provided a sworn statement and is now cooperating with law enforcement.

Bragg is being held in the Polk County Jail on 2 counts of sexual battery.

I doubt very seriously that these two women are his only victims and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office is also looking for more information as well. If you have any info you can contact Detective Kent at 863-534-6379 or 863-534-6200.

MySpace is not the only social networking site that Bragg used. Both of his usernames, travis1989 and darkraven217 quickly turn up a few profiles. The travis1989 one is more common and all of the profiles you will find are not Travis Bragg but a cached version of his MySpace profile (which shows absolutely nothing at all) can be accessed from there.

The darkraven217 name however is a different story. He’s got a profile with little information at and disturbingly he has one at Teenspot. I haven’t signed up at the site so I can’t access everything but it appears as if he has friends (mostly females) ranging in ages from 15 to 20. Could this be another one of his trolling grounds?  He has another profile at Inked Nation as well.

If there are other unnamed victims of Travis Lane Bragg out there I hope that they come forward and help keep this sexual predator locked up for a long time. If you know Travis and would like to share any information about him feel free to do so anonymously with

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  1. All I can find right now at the Orange County Clerk of Court is that he filed a written plea of Not Guilty. I do know that he’s not currently incarcerated. Hopefully the database will be updated soon. I am about 500 miles from there otherwise I would just go down there and see for myself.

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