Billy Prince Lied…and Lied…and Lied


24-year-old Billy Prince of Chamblee, Georgia has apparently been having some money problems so he told his girlfriend that he had to go to Canton (also in metro-Atlanta for those of you that don’t live here) to receive his inheritance from a relative who had passed away. Being as how he was full of shit but he didn’t want his girlfriend to know Billy allegedly stopped off at the Domino’s Pizza on Cumming Highway yesterday and robbed them wearing a black mask and wielding a knife.

When Prince returned home his girlfriend was pissed at the paltry amount of cash he brought with him (exactly how much cash he thought he would get from a damned pizza place I don’t know…) so he told her he had been robbed. The girlfriend told him he needed to call the police and report the robbery. Not knowing how to get out of his web of lies he did just that…

Prince called the Canton Police Department to report the “theft” this morning. He told them that he had been robbed at the Wachovia Bank there in Canton. Apparently their bullshit detector works better than Prince’s girlfriend’s and they were immediately suspicious. After questioning Prince admitted to them that he hadn’t been robbed. In the meantime the Canton Police contacted the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office and determined that Prince was a suspect in the armed robbery.

Prince has admitted to police (don’t know about his girlfriend) his string of lies and why he did it and they capitulated by locking up the asshat in the Cherokee Adult Detention Center on charges of Filing a False Report of a Crime, Armed Robbery and Aggravated Assault.

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3 throughts on "Billy Prince Lied…and Lied…and Lied"

  1. Look That Guy Up There Your Talking About Is My Brother You Dont Have To Be Such An ASS About The Story. Yall Dont Know That His Girlfriend Was A Big And All She Wanted Was His Money And He Could Give Her That So! He Did What He Did. Yes It Was Wrong But His Girlfriend Was There To Help With That It Wasnt Just Him!

  2. I have no doubt that his girlfriend is a bitch just from his actions alone but it wasn’t his girlfriend that robbed a place at knife point and then made up lies in order to keep his pussy, that’s all on him. When keeping a girlfriend/boyfriend is more important than someone’s integrity they have a major problem.

  3. How pathetic is it when grown men have women in their lives blaming all their wrong doings on their girlfriend/wives! Hellooo!, GROWN men are their own person…. its called FREE WILL! No one is to blame here but your poor brother. For what reason he did it is neither here nor there…. BECAUSE IT IS BREAKING THE LAW TO TAKE SOMETHING THAT ISN’T YOURS, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR WIELDING A WEAPON AROUND. I suspect his problem is that his whole life he had someone like sissy there, or mommy to make excuses for him. I’d almost bet my bottom dollar on it.

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