Sergaye Lafayette Should Have "Bad Mother" Carved In Her Forehead


Thanks to Hilary for the heads up on this one.

23-year-old Sergaye Lafayette (yes, I know Sergei is a guy’s name) from Sacramento has three children. She even has a picture of one of them on one of her three little used MySpace accounts that can be found here: 1, 2, 3. Sergaye has been a little too busy breaking the law and mistreating her children to log in in a couple of years.

As I mentioned Sergaye has three children who have been spending time with a temporary foster parent. That was to have changed recently as the chidren were to be permanently placed in foster care due to Lafayette’s lack of parenting skills. Back on July 13th she had an unmonitored visit with her three kids (yeah, that probably wasn’t very smart in hindsight) and took off with the children.

Fast forward a month to August 10th. Sergaye was arrested during a routine traffic stop when it was determined that she already had outstanding warrants for burglary and identity theft. The three children were returned  to foster care. All is well in the world now, right? Perhaps not. The three children were getting a check-up when a doctor at the University of California CAARE Diagnostic and Treatment Center discovered a large letter “S” carved into her 15-moth-old’s buttocks. WTF? Was this Sergaye’s way of making sure her children remember her for the rest of their lives or was she just in some kind of drug-addled state? The doctor immediately called police to report the mutilation of the toddler. They estimate that the letter was carved into the child at some point last week while Sergaye still had the kids.

Sergaye now faces charges of Child Endangerment as well as Felony Burglary and Felony Unlawful Use of Personal Identifying Information.


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  1. There are useless people born in this world of ours. Sometimess their lives make others lives miserable. It is these kind of people who we need to eliminate from society in order for good people to have a decent life. if we continue to leave these no goods among us, then in time, they will infect all of us and we will all be miserable.

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