Melissa Jenkins and Daniel Ehrlick Are Evil

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I’ve posted a couple of entries on Robert Manwill the last month or so. You can find them here and here and I must say that it comes as no surprise to me that Melissa Jenkins and Daniel Ehrlick Jr. have both been indicted in the death of Melissa’s son Robert Manwill.

According to the Ada County Coroner Robert Manwill was beaten over weeks including escalating physical violence that finally concluded with his death. He died of blunt force trauma on or about the same night that he was reported missing, July 24th.

Apparently during the time of Robert’s disappearance Child Welfare officials were monitoring the family as part of the indictments state that Jenkins “did actively and repeatedly hide Robert from government authorities and kept other persons from observing the ongoing harm”.


The indictments against the child beating duo charge both of them with 1st-Degree Murder and Failure to Report a Death.

The grand jury that returned the indictments also said that Daniel Ehrlick repeatedly abused Robert and eventually killed him by the application of torture.

The indictment against Jenkins states that the mother had active knowledge of Robert’s bodily injuries, visible bruises and other physical and emotional harm. It states that she not only failed to seek medical attention for her son but she also hid Ehrlick’s abuse from others.

It’s not set in stone yet but it’s possible that this will end up being a death penalty case for one or both of the vile couple pictured at the top of the post. Prosecutors have 60 days to make that decision. They still aren’t sure whether the pair or going to be tried separately or together. They are supposed to enter a plea on September 1st.

Daniel Ehrlick’s Indictment

Melissa Jenkins’ Indictment

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