Robert Cates Arrested For Molesting His Nieces

Boy does Robert Wayne Cates look pissed (in the booking photo which I no longer have). It’s not him that should be pissed but anytime a pedophile is arrested I guess they aren’t too happy. Gwinnett County Police arrested the 57-year-old Lawrenceville man this Wednesday and he is currently housed in the Gwinnett County Jail without bond on multiple charges of Sexual Battery, Aggravated Sexual Battery and Child Molestation.

Cates, who has been working as a night janitor at Parkview High School since 2008 (he’s been with Gwinnett County Schools since 1987) has been allegedly molesting his two nieces who are now teenagers since 1999. Doing the math that means they were somewhere between 3 and 7 when he started having sex with the two sisters. Ugh.

Law enforcement started investigating the claims back in April after the girls told police they had been molested by their uncle when they would spend the night at Cate’s house on the weekend.


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  1. Get your facts straight, he is not accused of hanging sex with anyone. I know these people and I would hope to remind everyone that these are ALLEGATIONS made by his wives two teenage nieces that were in alot of trouble when they conveniently blurted out this information which obviously became a priority.Cindy Cates is a precious soul and she has suffered numerous heart attacks as recently as this year. Please reserve your judgement. Now, that said, as a survivor myself, I will be the first one to throw a rope in the tree if he is guilty, but MAYBE we should wait until he atleast has a trial, ya think?! God Bless you Cindy!!!

  2. and some more information…Robert was injured when he was younger and has severe disabilites although he refused to just accept disability, instead choosing to work.He literally isnt supposed to be here. He has a plate in his head, has stroke like disabilities including sagging face on one side and you will have an extremely difficult time understanding him as he has a severe speech inpediment due to the damage. I guess that may be the perfect portrait of a “bad guy”. But he looks like that picture all the time, not because he is angry. Im sure he would be more scared at this point, guilty or not.

  3. My facts are straight as far as what he is accused of. According to his booking blotter at the Gwinnett County Detention Center he has two charges of sexual battery, 2 counts of aggravated sexual battery and 3 charges of aggravated child molestation. I don’t know what your version of an accusation is but it’s pretty plainly spelled out.

  4. Wow… I go to Parkview HS. This is sort of terrifying. I’ve even seen him around the school. I dunno know, because I know sometimes kids will lie about things just to get their way… Maybe hhis neices had a grudge to bear against him?? Anyways I found this site really helpful bbecause I was looking for mugshots of him but couldn’t find them anywhere. If he is mentally challenged, then please cut him some slack! It’s not like he woke up one day and said, “Hey! Im going to rape my two teenage nieces!” There had to be some insinuation or reason to it all. Then again, maybe he does have a sickish mind that just felt like he had to molest them…? Who knows. I think authorities should take into thought that if he does have some disabilities, that maybe something different oculd happen to him.

  5. Lauren – Thank you so much for keeping an open mind. I will let his wife know that it is possible to find an impartial jury. She feels like the world just crashed around her and well it has. She has been with Robert for over 25 years and they have practically helped raised these girls at times when they were removed from their home. Anytime I saw Cindy, the girls were with her. They have even taken them to Disney. I mention that ONLY to say – you can probably only imagine how torn apart she is. On one hand is her husband of 20+ years who she trusts and believes in and the other hand her nieces that she adores. Not a problem any human would want. She had another heart attack last week, mild this time, but the doctor doesnt want her to attend the bond hearing for fear she may have another one. But, she will be there anyway. I want to say again that IF this is true, I am completely for Robert getting what is coming. But, it is just so impossibly hard when it happens in your family to know what to do. I probably need to just shut up anyway.

  6. Yea, I’m sure it’s tough for their whole family. Whatever reason all this has happened, I’m sure something good will come out of it! Look to the bright side! :]
    I’m quite an optomistic person- I don’t think anyone should be completely condemned because of one little thing, but if he really did do what authorities say he did, then he’ll have to pay the price. It’s just how the world works. But I do feel bad for his poor wife, having to decide what she thinks is the truth. Imagine! Having to literally choose between your loved nieces and your husband! There’s no justice in it at all. I just hope and pray Mr. Cates wife is seeking God’s help as well as the famalies. I find that in my times of trouble, you just need to sit back, and breathe. Think about your situation, try to find a reasonable way to change it, or just rely on God to work out all those sticky details.

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