Jeff Meece Beat His Daughter to Death With a Baseball Bat

I don’t have a mug shot or picture yet for this turd but I will and I will have it posted here as soon as I can.

47-year-old Jeff Meece of Bloomington, Ill is being held in the McLean County Jail on $1 million bond in the beating death of his 14-month-old daughter.

Thursday police were called out to Meece’s house on a report of a man breaking windows with a baseball bat. Apparently he decided to have a go at his toddler daughter as well and once he was finished with her he and his mother Shirley Meece stepped out for a bite to eat. Police found the girl and transported her to the regional hospital and then to OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria where she died shortly after 11 on Friday. She had sustained head injuries in the attack that ultimately killed her. An autopsy is supposed to take place today but according to the coroner she suffered skull fractures and hemorrhaging and was brain dead when she arrived at St. Francis.

When the Meece’s returned from breakfast around 9:30 Thursday morning it was to find police at the house. Meece decided to grab his baseball bat again and police ended up using pepper spray and a taser to put the asshole down.

Meece, who doesn’t work and is on welfare, only gets to see his little girl on Thursdays and Fridays as she lives with her mother the rest of the time. He’s been charged with 3 counts of first-degree murder in the death of his daughter, Erika.


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  1. Erika was a precious little girl and Renee was the most loving mother. U are spot on he is a total dirtbag. My heart is broken Erika was Renee’s entire life!! How could she have ever known that the father, who should have helped take care of Erika, could do such a thing. When i came home from work after finding out all I could do was hold my 18mo. old son and sob!! Hopefully he’ll get what’s coming to him b4 the trail so her family won’t have to relive this in court for who knows how long!!!!

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