Luis Porras and Amanda Dove Arrested for the Murder of Jameelah Qureshi

Luis Porras and Amada Dove

Updated 11/11/2022 – Luis Porras was convicted in the murder and sentenced to life in prison. Dove received lesser charges in exchange for her testimony.

Updated – Amanda Dove and Luis Porras appeared before a judge in a bond hearing Sunday night, August 23rd. No bond was issued and the two will have to appear before a Dekalb County Superior Court judge for a decision as to whether they will be granted bond or not. They will be back in court again on September 3rd.

Original Post – The unexpected murder of Jameelah Qureshi has been all over the news in Atlanta for the last few days. The 40-year-old woman was found shot to death outside her home in Lithonia on August 15th after neighbors and family reported hearing several gunshots. Several family members were at home at the time, luckily nobody else was injured. Qureshi, a mother of four, also was engaged to be married to a Dekalb County Police Officer.

A task force was formed to hunt for the killers and 25-year-old Amanda Dove (MySpace) and 24-year-old Luis Alberto Porras were arrested late last night and charged with murder and are currently being held in the Dekalb County Jail without bond.

The funeral for Jameelah Qureshi was held earlier today at Mount Patmos Baptist Church in Decatur. A trust fund has also been set up for the four children. Donations can be left at any Wachovia Bank under the Latrice Evans fund.

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9 throughts on "Luis Porras and Amanda Dove Arrested for the Murder of Jameelah Qureshi"

  1. I actually know Luis…. have known him for 5 to 6 years. Luis is a fairly mellow guy…. he often looks like his mugshots…. but he’s ok. he doesn’t complain about life because truthfully him and everyone around him (who are completely different, i mean Luis is one of a kind) are fortunate and comfortable… i had a friend refer to my lifestyle as “plush”…. even though i am an average person, with a retail job and even my parents….have simple office jobs….. but i mean that friend was envious of me because i have more finesse…but lets not go on a tangent……. Luis was creative and artistic…. he would customize his clothes and it would actually look professional…. i mean he was nice…. sick patchwork game… of course we smoked alot…..yada, yada, yada…. but he had one weakness….his emotions for girls….. too serious…. hot tempered , but i never saw or heard of him beating girls up …. he’s not like that …. he is the type that was seeking puppy love… like he needed a wifey , and thats probably y he was messin with amanda…anyway…… i got love him …. not in a homo way…. i got love for all my friends…truth be told….. i love all people…even slobs…. but yeah…… its hard to find a soft spot in my heart for him…… i do…. its a little 3% but its there. even though he was close to me ….he did a hanest act…. the woman had 4 kids…. pause…. they are gonna throw the book at him. but my only compassion 4 him is the fact that…..nobody feels sorry for him…… the general consenus is he deserves what he has coming…. and i am not gonna lie…. he has to pay the piper for this one…….lol……… piper…. pipe her…… get’em……

  2. uk wat ik luise porras 4 my hole life and let me tell u something dat dis boy right here….ik he could have never done something like dis no matter wat…ik he comes from a good fam and stuff and yup….but uk wat if he did do dis which i dont think let him pay his price….but uk wat if he didnt do it then only god is there 2b with him…so ya know wat i love dis boys right here at hes ma big bro hero and i look up 2 him i wish u da best ya!!!

  3. fuck him….lol….. hope he knows how to “do the stanky leg” lol.

  4. i have known Luis for about 8 months now. He has all ways been nice to me and my family. His mother and father are both hardworking people and they have all ways been nice to my family as well. I dont know if luis is guilty or not and its not my place to pass judgement on him either. but i will say that i wish him and all the people involved in this case the best.

  5. I don’t wish harm on anyone, but him and his trashy friend killed and took away a mother of 4 and a beautiful person to almost everyone that knew her, that I was lucky to meet and get to know for a short time..Lock them both up and throw away the key. Tell me one fucking reason a young man has to shoot and kill a 40 year old woman 12 times with 2 different guns and leave her their to die in her driveway, this asshole deserves no sympathy and deserves whatever he has coming to him….Tighten up those loose ass bullshit gun laws in GA. before this type of shit continues and this bastard had the nerve to smurk and wink in the courtroom…Enjoy Life In Prison Or Death In Prison whichever one comes first

  6. TO ALL YOU GUYS PUT YOUR RIGH HAND IN YOUR HEART before says nusty staff talk me above you first have you ever commited sin he is my boy and I love him until the day I died and I understand how painful it is for jamela family it is for me tooo .

  7. i am sorry for talk’n kinda crazy about Lois….. i apologize to his mother and father…… its just luis is a nut case…. ok ….. and i sin , u sin, we sin, but i don’t kill out of jealousy , over a girl , a 15yr old girl….i guess she is 19 now….19…. thats crazy….everyone that knows luis knows he’s crazy, wacky…. want me to prove it. here goes…. the guy is from brooklyn (even though his roots are columbian…and my parents are from south america too…. but we will touch on that later), then he goes to school in a very nice district, lived in a nice neighborhood, had a car….since he was a teen….didn’t have kids, and he is 24…..24……on top of everything else his father owns his own business….just pause for a second….. those were facts……but anyway….he as tempted to mess with a minor when he as 20…..still living in a nice neighborhood…. and went to school there ….so he knew how to adapt and potentionally have fun…..but he goes out of the county …. in dekalb…and meets a 15 yr……at 20….15 is right after 14…..i’m just saying…..ok…. many young insecure men do that…ok….disgusting ….but ok…..then the mother of the 15yr old flips out…..i think she is probably a nut case too….but anyway she had the right to protect her children from wild inflences….let them be kids right…..ok….so she presses charges… is why lois is a nut… luis pleads guilty…maybe he coulda faught it …better lawyer who knows, but then some years pass and he is so enraged that he murders the mother….who has 3 additional children ….. like c’mon….he made those kids orphans………….and this is not the first time he was charged with murder… this isn’t a joke…..who the fuck does he think he is?…..really….. his parents know he is crazy…..c’mon…..but yeah , now…….THOSE KIDS ARE ORPHANS…… he probably stil has a grandmother….. thats y i call him Lois…. and thats why they are gonna call him a twinkie….

  8. Update….Shawty
    Decatur, Ga. – A DeKalb County grand jury today indicted Luis Porras and Amanda Dove for the murder of Jameelah Qureshi, a 40-year-old mother of four and a resident of Lithonia, Georgia. She was also the fiancée of Duwayne Thomas, a DeKalb County Police Department sergeant.
    The indictment lists five counts against Porras that include malice murder, two counts of felony murder, one charge of possession of a firearm by a first offender probationer and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. Dove is charged with three counts: malice murder, felony murder and possession of a firearm during the commission
    of a felony.
    Porras’ charge of possessing a firearm by a first offender probationer is levied because he is on probation for a statutory rape that happened in Fulton County. Qureshi’s report of that crime to police lead to Porras’ Fulton County conviction.
    A task force formed by the DeKalb County Police Department led to the quick arrest. Both Porras and Dove are being held in the DeKalb County jail without bond.

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