Cold Case: Amber Dubois


For the most part I generally stick with cases that are currently in the news or update ones that I have written about before but every once in a while I will post a cold case. This is one of those.

14-year-old Amber Leeanne Dubois has been missing from Escondido, California since February 13th of this year and while her case may be considered “cold” there are still searches going on for her and she will always be fresh in the minds of her family. I came across The Charley Project earlier this morning and that’s where I ran across Amber’s case. I think it caught my eye because she shares a birthday with my eldest daughter who will be 12 this year.

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According to the entry at the Charley Project Amber was last seen walking in Escondido on her way to school. There are several confirmed sightings of her that morning as well as a couple of likely ones as well.

She doesn’t have a history of running away and although her parents were seperated at the time she seemed to have a pretty stable and loving home life with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend, both of whom have been ruled out as suspects.

You can find a dedication page to finding her at her old MySpace account here and if you have any information concerning the disappearance of Amber Leeanne Dubois or her current whereabouts please contact the Escondido Police Department at 760-839-4722

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