Gina Sabin Arrested for Child Molestation

Original Post – 39-year-old Gina Leigh Sabin of Cartersville, GA has been charged with two counts of aggravated child molestation. She turned herself in to the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday afternoon. Sabin teaches 5th grade at Cloverleaf Elementary, and her husband is a principal at a local high school. While police reports detail that the victim is a student in Bartow County, they also say that the student does not attend Cloverleaf.

According to the Bartow County Sheriff the victim is a male who is younger than 16 but that’s all they would say concerning the arrest.

Sabin, who has been teaching for 11 years, is on paid leave pending the legal investigation.

Updated 9/3/09 – Gina Sabin has been released from the Bartow County Jail on $40,000 bond. Superior Court Judge David Smith set bond this past Tuesday and stipulations include she have no contact with the victim, supervise of have no contact with any children other than her own and not be allowed on school property.

Updated 9/26/09 – According to an unnamed source Sabin does have alibis that prove each incident that the boy has accused her of are untrue. I have offered to post her side of the story and should they
contact me I will post another update to the story. I have also attempted to contact her listed attorney as well.

Updated 9/30/09 – I attempted to contact Gina Sabin’s attorney late last week and as of yet have had no comment from anyone other than the unnamed source I mentioned last week.


Update Source.

Updated 11/2/2022 – In June 2011, Gina Sabin pleaded guilty to two counts of felony sexual battery in a negotiated deal with prosecutors. Superior Court Judge Carey Nelson sentenced Sabin to 5 years, but she is allowed to serve the time on probation. Sabin also was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine.

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  1. She’s a pervert. And a little hot. But a pervert. nonetheless.
    I bet it was a high school student. I’ll never understand why women like this think they can just have sex with whoever and it’s OK.

  2. I went to the high school that her husband is a principal at and this is so weird to think that I’ve probably seen this women

  3. oh my gosh… i heard rumors about this ALL day… i had no clue that this was true until i got home and Googled it.. i can’t beleive this.. wow!

  4. I have been a very close personal friend of this family for almost 20 years. This is a BALDFACE LIE!!! Gina would never do this to anyone. It angers me that her career is ruined because of a STINKING, LYING, PUNK KID!!! The truth will always prevail!! People will regret they ever thought badly of her.

  5. If it does end up being a lie please let me know. I don’t generally take down posts and I am usually an asshole about criminals, particularly pedophiles, but in the rare case it’s not true, then I will change it or remove the entry.
    Unfortunately it seems that the posts I put up that get the most traffic and people defending the person charged seem to be the ones with the most guilt.

  6. Um i don’t wanna argue wit you friend of the family but she turned herself in. If she never did that then it probably would never of went past a rumor so she probably did it

  7. OMG!!!!!!!! wow i know this women i cant believe she molested one of my friends and her husband is my principle isn’t that wierd

  8. I don’t know what to say other than… Damn. That’s just not right. If it was a male teacher he would be buried under the jail by now.

  9. I would like to know where it says she turned herself in. The source link goes to the story on WSB TV website but their story does not list that she turned herself in. Please, if it is not in the source sotyr, then don’t say it.
    Mrs. Sabn was my daughter’s gifted teacher at Calhoun City School’s. I do not believe that Gina would do this and am praying that the truth comes out before this goes too far, whether she did or did not do it.
    Everyone need to remember that she is innocent until proven guilty. So many times people make a judgement before any facts are known. How do we know that the person making the accusations is not lying. It’s happened before and could be the case this time.
    My prayers are with the Sabin’s.

  10. According to an earlier report which is not listed in my sources she did turn herself in. While I will usually link to whatever initial story or database as my source I generally use several of them and only link to the first one I found.
    They very well could be lying. That’s for the legal system to find out.
    Update – I found the link, it’s at the AJC and they updated it at 2:30 this afternoon.

  11. Yes she is innocent intill proven guilty and I do feel bad for the family. I went to the high school and i just graduated last year but I don’t think its fair to defend her just because of who she is. Nobody thinks that someone we know could commit such a horrible thing rather she did or not. Like someone else said on here if it had been a guy then he would be buried in jail but i doubt many people would say he’s innocent intill proven guilty even though that would be the right thing to do. The truth will come out and if she’s proven innocent then so be it but I doubt a freshmen kid of 14 or 15 would come up wit a story and have other people join in and say that that happened to them to no matter how much of a ‘STINKING, LYING, PUNK KID” there are. And plus isn’t that a early judgement to make what if the kid really did have sex wit her how messed up is that that he is called names for something a woman old enough to be his mother could of and should of stopped?

  12. I’ve known this woman’s husband for many years, and I’ve been to their house a few times. I hope this allegation isn’t true…but according to my sources, it most likely is. I feel absolutely horrible for Paul and her kids, as well as the alleged victims. Please keep the family in your thoughts.

  13. A 5th grade teacher at Cloverleaf Elementary School was arrested
    Tuesday around 11:30 a.m. during a traffic stop by
    Cartersville Police. Police saw a silver BMW speeding at 71 m.p.h.
    in a 45 m.p.h. zone on East Main Street at Cherokee Place. When
    police ran her license through E-911 it was discovered she had two
    active warrants for aggravated child molestation through the Bartow
    County Sheriff’s Office. Gina Leigh Sabin, 39, Twelve Oaks Drive,
    Cartersville, was then taken to the Bartow County Jail.

  14. There are so many stories. Did she turn herself in? Or did she get pulled over? My daughter and Bradley are friends and we know this family, but we doesn’t want to say anything o them, because we KNOW this whole thing is devastating for them. My thoughts and prayers are with them all! I would like to know the TRUE story though. Rumors can be terrible. This is just so sad that you never really truly know people and what they are capable of doing.

  15. okay.. i go to Woodland High School which is where Dr. Sabin is the pricipal and im so tired of people saying that this is a lie… she admitted to this… people need to stop trying to save this woman’s back… everybody already knows about this because she and her husband work for the county… she did do this and it’s not right for her to have done that to her husband, her daughters, and to herself… thats just absolutley sick and twisted in more ways than one… just stop saying she didn’t… she did.

  16. I think if charged both should be out of the school asap this is not a healthy situtation was she stopped for speeding or not . We as parents should not ask if guilty it up to a jury I am quite sure other teachers are up to same sick things not yet caught Please check all teachers background as i know some are lying about alot not qualified to teach go home sabin be with your wife are my kids safe asap check the teachers background now mpacw.


  18. Regardless of whether the accusations are true or false, all of you whom have no say in the matter should, at least, respect the family and watch your remarks, because I assure you, if it was your family, it would greatly upset you to read these terrible comments. You all must be forgetting that it is already a great upset on the family, so please let us deal with this and stop making it harder. You are free to have your opinion after Tuesday.

  19. I agree. Everyone needs to stop making this harder for this poor family. Each member of this family has feelings and everyone needs to respect them. My prayers are with all of the Sabin family, even Gina.


  21. Mark,
    1. Learn how to punctuate and refrain from writing in all capital letters. Capital letters mean you are yelling. Furthermore, your inability to create structured statements makes you appear either unintelligent or like you are a child.
    2. Yes, I can expect parents, students, and teachers to sit back and wait for the truth. Taxpayer money is not just being spent at the school, but also for the investigation, and will also be for the trial. I am not sure how taxpayer money equates to a right to knowledge for all. If it did, we wouldn’t have FERPA, HIPPAA, or any other privacy act.
    3. If the Sabins are in counselling, that is thier business.
    4. Dr. Sabin should not be punished for accusations made against his wife. Woodland needs a strong leader with a vision. He has that. The last thing Woodland needs is another change in leadership.

  22. This is the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard! All this is is some stupid hormonal teenager looking for attention and now he has it. Also, why in the HELLis everyone mentioning names?! leave the kids out of this! It’s not THEIR fault and now their names are plastered everywhere! Can you in=magine what they are going through? Nice. To the immature jackass making this shit up- GET. A. LIFE.

  23. It was more than just one teen from what I am understanding. I think it’s mostly the students that have stopped in that are using names. Normally unless someone is either charged as an adult in a crime or they are dead I try to never mention minor’s names in any story I publish.
    As far as making it up, Originally I thought that could be the case when I posted this, otherwise I probably would have been much more snarky to Sabin, but now I am thinking she really did do it.

  24. I honestly don’t know what to believe??!!!?
    Mrs. Sabin taught at my school in Calhoun and I know her two daughters.
    I hope and pray to God that its not true?
    and one more thing:
    Put yourself in the Sabin family’s shoes
    cut them some slack stop judging you dont know if its true or not

  25. It breaks my heart to hear this disturbing news. I know the Sabins and I can’t imagine the pain they are enduring as a family. I pray that that they surround themselves with a strong support system, prayers and find their way through this situation.

  26. This is all a load of bullcrap. True or false, I know for a FACT that both boyfriends were NOT involved in whatever this situation is. I can absolutley not stand all of you people who think you know the story. You dont. So PLEASE get your gossiping asses out of everyone’s business. Whoever the hell “Anthony” is that posted:
    “I go to woodland high school which is the school Dr.Sabin, Gina Sabin’s husband, is the principal of. I have talked to Sam Sabin the daughter and she said that her mom had sex with two freshmen and her boyfriend which all go to Woodland High school. Sam is horrified that her mom would do this to her and also that her now ex-boyfriend would berate her.”
    is a stupid ass. Idk where the hell you have gotten this, but I am a personal friend of the family and can point out that you are a bold faced liar.
    Leave this family alone. You people are sick. If she did it, she will be punished. I mean damn, shes been arrested for Christ’s sake, what else do you want?! But in the CHANCE THAT SHE DIDNT DO IT (which i think MOST of you jackasses has forgotten is a possibility) then she will be rightfully released and the son of a bitch kid should be punished. Good God people. Leave them alone. I am SO sick of reading these ignorant comments. Some of you are disgraces to this country. Whatever happened to “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”??

  27. Innocent until proven guilty is for a court of law.
    That having been said I agree with you as far as the rumors go, which is why the blog post only includes information that law enforcement has released so far.

  28. You all need to just shut your mouths. You know nothing. I may not know anything either, but I sure as hell know more than you judgmental idiots know. She did not admit this. She simply went with the police(AKA turned herself in) when they arrested her so she wouldn’t be resisting arrest. I swear you people are stupid. AND all of you saying that she is guilty need to reexamine the situation because she is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. And what child would admit to their mom molesting young children? Not many. So stop bringing them into this with your own little made up stories. No one knows what is false or true except her, and hopefully this will be taken care of. I personally don’t think that she did this. I think this kid was looking for attention just like 99% of teens these day. I know b/c I was one. So people stop spreading rumors and making up all your lies because you know NOTHING. Have a little faith and pray for everyone’s sake that this is false because I really don’t think she would ever do this. And if she did, she will be punished. If not, then great the kid will be punished for lying.

  29. She didn’t turn herself in for the crime you twit. She went with the police when the kid said all of that. When she went with them, the turned herself in (meaning going willingly) instead of resisting arrest.

  30. She got pulled over. Trying to get to her family most likely– not trying to run. But when they pulled her over and knew she had the warrants out for her arrest, she went willingly (as the newspaper calls turnign herself in) because she did not resist arrest.

  31. Too bad the day before this comment, you left one that said you heard “rumors” all day then went home to look it up. So actually you know nothing so stop saying it isn’t a lie because we don’t know the truth. She is innocent until proven guilty, so you can stop thinking that you know everything. I have her back if she is innocent, and if she’s not, then I have her family’s back BTW rumors do not mean FACTS!

  32. this is interesting. This is sam sabin, your “close friend”. really? i dont even know you! i never said any of that because it isnt true… i hope i can find out exactly who you are and i do plan to press charges.

  33. Wow, I can not get over this! I know her younger daughter, this is awful. I am just in shock. I do believe I know who she did this too. YIKES!

  34. I have to say that I do know her husband and whether true or not… She may be innocent until proven guilty but if this were a situation with a “rape” which is what this is… you all would not be saying innocent until proven guilty. So for those who want respect start showing some yourself! Karma is a funny thing. Just think of how many times you have prejudged someone…

  35. i think that this is so nasty.. i go to da school her husband teaches at. he sits in school and tells peoples children what to do an at home he has a wife that has sex with little kids… i think he shud quit because his repuatation is ruined in so is samantha sabin an all the other childern..THERE ARE NASTY PPL IN THE WORLD AND RITE HERE IN BARTOW COUNTY… TO HELL WITH YOU GINA SABIN!!!!!

  36. First of all, their reputation is not ruined! Most people could care less what people like YOU think. Grow up and get more educated before you write stuff in public. The way it is looking right now is that you won’t last in school much longer. If you had any brains, you would know that the law is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! And if you don’t like them then you leave Bartow County Schools. TO HELL WITH YOU ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure YOU YOURSELF has done WAY worse than this you idiot!! People like YOURSELF are nasty!! Like I said, GROW UP!!

  37. I tend to agree with you, anon. There has been a lot of discussion and bringing other family member’s names into this and that’s pretty much not appropriate, nor is it a very adult thing to do. I am all for embarrassing the hell out of anyone obviously guilty of a crime but that’s not (yet) the case here as far as I know.
    What I have seen is that several of the students have popped on here running their mouths about Sabin’s family and they don’t have the facts. If you want to belittle someone at least have the truth to back you up.

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