Natasha Searcy Was Stupid and Drunk


I don’t post a lot of drunk driving stories here. It’s obvious to all parties involved that if you drink and get behind the wheel you are a fucktard and deserve the stiffest penalty the law provides. This is a local story though and Natasha Angeline Searcy’s stupidity has killed a woman and her son.

Around 5:45 yesterday morning Ashley Ingalsbe (I have also seen it listed as Ingalsve) and her two children, four-year-old Luke and a baby were driving on Skyview Drive in Douglas County when a drunk 25-year-old Natasha Searcy (one of the commenters below AND her MySpace page identify her as being 22, not 25 as has been reported here and several other places) crossed into their lane and hit the Ingalsbe’s Toyota head on, killing Ashley and Luke. Both children were in car seats and the baby has miraculously survived. Luke was killed instantly and his mother passed away yesterday afternoon.

Unfortunately Natasha escaped the collision with minor injuries and was taken to Cobb Wellstar Hospital to be treated. She has been charged with Vehicular Homicide, DUI and Driving Without Insurance.

One of the bleeding heart commenters over at WSB had this to say about Natasha “GOD loves Natasha. He will forgive her if she only ask. Who are we to judge her. I am sure she didn’t get drunk to go and kill someone. God doesn’t like people to judge. David and Sheila please don’t quit praying and please don’t let this idiots on this blog discourage you from being who you are. I am sure the family appreciates all you did. Thank you for being there for this family. All you other idiots should be praying for yourselves.”

I’m sure she didn’t plan on killing anyone either but if you are too fucking stupid to lock up the car keys before you get drunk you need neither a car or the ability to drink alcohol.

Searcy is due for her first court appearance this morning.

Updated – Searcy appeared for her bond hearing earlier today. Bond was denied due to the fact that the judge deemed her a flight risk. Searcy is apparently blaming the driver of the other car, Ashley Ingalsbe, for the accident. According to the Douglas County DA, Searcy is claiming that Ingalsbe was the one driving on the wrong side of the road and the wreck was her fault.

The news stations are also reporting that there was another passenger in the Ingalsbe car as well, Justin Vinnacombe, who was also hurt in the crash. The three charges I posted about earlier still stand, if they change I’ll try and update the post.


Natasha’s MySpace.

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19 throughts on "Natasha Searcy Was Stupid and Drunk"

  1. First of all, a report never showed that Natasha was intoxicated at the time of the accident. I was with her when she was arrested at the hospital and the officers did not have the results of her exams to determine whether or not she was intoxicated at the time. That means that her D.U.I. was and is still pending. What happened was an ACCIDENT! Natasha works full-time and is a full-time Honor student. She also has 2 children and is a single mother who was working hard to create a better life for herself and her children. You don’t know her to critique her or to comment on her character. And for the record, the mother who was accidentally killed, WAS a drug user. Natasha understands that she is at fault and is a strong Christian. She has been praying for God’s forgiveness and it is HIS place to judge her. NOT YOURS! Get your details right next time.

  2. Actually Natasha has been charged with DUI. That usually means that one was drunk. She also admitted to police officers on the scene that she was on her way home from a night out. I’m sure it was an accident. I don’t think that’s a debatable point and agree with you there. I even point it out in my post.
    What details are wrong? If you have concrete information I’ll be sure to update the post.

  3. I knew her too and am NOT coming to her defense. I sincerely hate this has happened to Natasha, but she is none of the things her BF described – especially the Christian part that’s laughable. This is the part that separates religion from reality. Her friends and family will eulogize her instead of holding her accountable. While most of the public will crucify her, and slightly too much. God, being omniscient, merciful, and the only One who is Holy and Righteous will deal with her and that’s all there is to it. He is the only who can lay blame to her while still being merciful – which I’m sure He will. It took this horrific accident for Natasha to get her wake-up call.
    With that said, it could’ve been anyone of us behind that wheel.
    Richard the only thing detail you got ‘wrong’ was Natasha’s age; she’s 22.

  4. I’ll try and update the age at some point over the next day or two. Apparently the reports that have been released so far from Douglas County detail her age as 25 so I will try and figure out what’s up with that.

  5. Yes she is from New Orleans and attending GPC.
    I read the conflicting reports that she’s 22 and 25, but she is 22.

  6. Also, I find it funny that her BF tried to make the deceased out to be a drug user when Natasha herself is a pot head.
    Okay that’s enough from me, I’m feeling guilty for airing out her dirty laundry.

  7. The reason I asked is because her MySpace page also has her listed as 22, as you said. There must be some kind of screw-up on Douglas County’s end.

  8. First of all, don’t say that her family will make it look as though she is not wrong. What IS wrong is that you guys take such a tragedy like this to try and slander my nieces Character and Name. To you Foe, who are you to say who’s a Christian or not, and what is your definition of a Pot Head, Are you one? Natasha is a good girl, never was in any trouble nor did she ever intentionally try to inflict pain on others. I am sure Nastasha is devastated by what happened, but you nor Richard were there to know exactly what happened. So I think it’s pointless for you to call her out of her name. Accidents happen and unfortunately lives were lost in this one. It does not make her an idiot or stupid. My prayers go to the family who lost their love ones, but I can’t read all this letting you create an image of my niece that is not true. I feel and know neither Richard or Foe are with out any sin or mistakes in life, and one should be careful of what they speak for those same words you speak today may have to be eaten by you on tomorrow. Let he who is without fault cast the first stone. So Foe, stop acting like you are so sorry for my little niece when you have slandered her name and tried to destroy her character. She’s a Sweet Sweet young lady, a loving mother of two, and determined young black woman trying to make a better future for her and her kids. So unless you are God Foe,( and we both know you are not that.) don’t try to judge the heart of my niece.As far as your posting of this incident Richard, you could have given account of what happened, but not calling my niece all the names nor making some of the statements you made about her. I read stories like this all the time, but trust me you see them much different when it hits close to home, so I advise both of you to be careful what you say.

  9. Natasha’s Aunt,
    Like I said, you are eulogizing her. You can’t be mad at the public’s outcry for a drunken driver, in this case your niece, killing other people: someone else’s niece, mother, daughter, best friend, and all of that along with a BABY only 4 years old. What about THAT mother and THAT child?
    I have spoken what I know of Natasha. No I’m not a pot head. I don’t have to be a pot head to know one especially if they tell you “girl I’m so blazed right now.”
    Please carefully read my post again because I spoke a lot about GOD (because He knows we love to call on Him when we get caught doing wrong – but other than that we’re raising hell) and stated that it could’ve been any one of us. I’m not young or naive to facts of life so don’t come at me with the ‘be careful what you speak’ speech. As the word of the Lord you so carefully site says, “And what is done in the dark shall come to light”. So don’t turn this around on me or Richard or anyone else because we are stating the facts: her selfish and careless actions caused the death of others. True, it could’ve been me behind that wheel not too long ago, but by the GRACE of my LORD it wasn’t.
    I will say this, Natasha didn’t do right by me and lied on me a lot. Now she’s lying on the decease. What does that say about her character? I knew this side of her, but never did I speak out against her. Now there’s proof, I feel vindicated and remorseful because unfortunately it had to be at the cost of two lives and the families affected by it.
    I understand your defensiveness, but it isn’t our fault that Natasha is in the predicament she is in and it doesn’t make me a bad person to voice my opinion.

  10. yea it doesnt make u a bad person but voicin ur opinion and be n disrespectful is 2 diff things nd yes it wuznt rite 4 her 2 drink nd drive but im sure she didnt purposely try 2 harm that baby especially since she has 2 kids of her own so she really wudnt try 2 hurt children so shut up and make sure that u get yo fact staright nd jux as we shudnt but the otha drivers dirty laundry out dnt put natashas out there either
    u dnt need to kno
    p.s. i do not kno natasha but i dnt support wat u r say

  11. I’m sorry, could you at least make an attempt to write in English so we can understand what it is you are trying to say? Of course your MySpace page has the same crap so I don’t know what I expect.

  12. Voicing your opinion is one thing, but feeling vindicated at this tradgedy is somewhat showing why your comments are what they are. Tragedy is around the entire situation, the woman and her son, and my niece incarcerated from this accident, but VINDICATION ON YOUR PART SHOWS, ENVY AND STRIFE THAT YOU HAVE HAD IN THE PAST WITH MY NIECE, SO NOW YOU ARE TAKING YOUR SHOTS. But go ahead, do what makes you happy. FACT: Nastasha is on the Dean’s list making A’s in College, full time student. FACT: Natasha has a full time Job while enrolled in school, FACT: Natasha is a loving mother, that’s raising 2 kids on her own. FACT: The driver of the other vehicle was as stated in newspaper and updates a mother, dealing with drug addictions and alcohol herself, did they run her blood level to see if she was the intoxicated driver ? FACT: ONE IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, STOP GIVING HER THE DEATH SENTENCE FOR A ACCIDENT, LIKE YOU SAID, “YOU YOURSELF COULD HAVE BEEN IN SITUATION YOURSELF NOT LONG AGO”. And as far as my God, I don’t know who you serve or who is your Higher Power, but he’s a merciful one, a forgiving one, and he looks at the heart of man, not what you and I see with our eyes or our judgements but he sees what Man can not see, so keep reading your bible, examine yourself, learn to forgive and forget, and not hold grudges saying you got vindicated over the lost of 2 lives and another 22 year old woman facing jail time. As far as me , I’ll keep hoping for the best, that’s all I can do. I will never rejoice for another mans hardship. Vengence is the Lords he will repay,not your sweetie, so your VINDICATION HAS BEEN STAMPED VOID BY MEEEE!!! This is not about you and I, so let’s not get into a religion battle, its about 2 innocent lives, and a young woman that had an accident now away from her 2 kids, let alone dealing with knowing the tragedy of all of this.

  13. I don’t feel vindicated at the lost of the lives of the others which is what I said. Nor do I have envy of Natasha (where in the world did that come from?) I have every right to have mixed emotions about Natasha and what has happened to her. For one, like I stated in my original post, I hate this happened to her. Yet again, Natasha wasn’t a good person to every one around like myself. So, why should I preserve my opinions? You darn skippy I’m going to speak up now. It’s called a CHARACTER WITNESS!!! If David McDade would like to give me a call as one, I’ll gladly oblige.
    Just for the record just because the deceased had issues prior to her death doesn’t mean she warranted being killed by someone else and it doesn’t make it right. I am not the one sentencing Natasha already, but I dare you speak this way to the other hundreds of people the same way on the following link:
    I dare you!!! You wouldn’t get far.

  14. Okay everyone. Yes Natasha is my cousin and I cant believe this happened.. We all know the facts but I know we can all agree her intent was not to harm anyone. But the fact is she did. Many people get pulled over for dui but all are not lucky just like natasha wasnt. I grew up with her and saw her over 2 year ago when i went to atlanta to visit and stayed at her house. She is a very nice girl. she just made a poor decision. I can definitley agree with whoever said this was a wake up call for her, we all have different ones. she is my cousin and i wish her call could have been a little less severe. i dont know how much time she gone get, all i know is she is remorseful and wishes she could take that date back and do it all over again
    and to natasha aunt i had no idea that she was now raising her two kids on her own.

  15. Sure, it’s the same one that’s posted at the “contact me” link above,
    If you email me and I haven’t replied within 72 hours (I work ~ 70hrs a week at my real job, sometimes it takes a day or two) let me know and I’ll send you another one. Occasionally stuff gets marked as spam that shouldn’t.


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