Edward Lee Riley is a Good Candidate for a Vasectomy


Last night a local tow truck driver in Tampa was just driving around looking for people to, you know, tow. That’s when he came across a 1995 Nissan parked in an apartment complex in a resident’s space and no resident’s sticker. He drove around for a few minutes looking for something better to steal tow and since there were no other suckers around he took some pictures, hooked up the Nissan and got it up on his truck.

About that time he noticed a baby in a car seat in the Nissan and flipped, as I am sure all of us would if we were car-jacking tow truck drivers. Anyway, he called his dispatcher who told him to call police. So he did. He told police that the car had to have been there for awhile because the windshield was wet from where it had rained earlier. By the time that police arrived he had already been there with the baby for close to half an hour.

It took another half an hour before anyone called the tow company about the baby and of course they were directed to police. It was an hour before anyone showed up for the baby. As a matter of fact, when they called the tow company, the woman didn’t ask about the baby, she asked about the car.

Police figured out that the car (and the child) belonged to 34-year-old Edward Lee Riley, a real winner, and located him in the apartment complex after midnight, more than an hour after the tow truck driver had shown up. Riley told police that he had just been paying a quick visit to his uncle and never saw the car being towed. I guess if you’re burning one an hour seems like a real short visit.

Police didn’t buy his story any more than I do and arrested and charged him with Child Neglect. He posted bond and was released earlier today. Riley has been arrested more than 15 times in Florida, 11 alone in Hillsborough County (Tampa area) on various charges ranging from driving with a suspended license to cocaine charges and grand theft auto. His arrest record in Hillsborough goes back to 1996 and his cocaine charges.

Booking History.


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1 throught on "Edward Lee Riley is a Good Candidate for a Vasectomy"

  1. Vasectomy sounds like a real good idea for this guy.
    Reading this story made me feel very sorry for the poor kid.
    He/she doesn’t have much of a chance with a parent like that.

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