Scott Swanson Was Angling For More Than Fish


There has been a pretty big hullabaloo the last year or two over sexting, both legally and in the private sector. Most companies now consider it sexual harassment to send suggestive pictures or text messages to other employees and in several states it is now illegal. Last November there was a sexting scandal among 20 or so students in the Tunkhannock Area School District in Pennsylvania. The local DA there threatened all 20 with child pornography charges after their confiscated cell phones were found to contain semi-pornographic pictures of teenage girls.

The problem is that it’s not always other students that end up with the pictures. That hawt guy that’s interested in you this week might be sending your picture out to all his buddies and worse, the Internet after you break it off with him next week. That’s pretty close to what happened here.

52-year-old Scott P. Swanson of Hiawassee, Georgia discovered semi-nude photos of a 14-year-old middle school student last year and made contact with the girl and then started asking her for more sexually suggestive photos.

The fiancée of the girl’s father found nude photos on the girl’s phone that she had taken of herself and notified the DA’s office as she was worried about her own children who were also living there. She was even more upset when she found out the girl had been sending the photos to an unknown man.

The detective assigned to the case interviewed the girl who said that Swanson is the one who made contact with her, first asking for her name and then for other photos. At first she balked at the idea but when she thought he was getting mad she went ahead and took photos and sent them to him. The screen-name Swanson uses online (and was also using in this case) is Questhook. They also gave the detective Swanson’s email address.

Once the FBI joined in the investigation that helped to speed things up a bit. They were able to locate the man and determine it was Swanson. An FBI Agent took over the girl’s end and assumed her identity in further communications with Swanson. From November 13th through December they communicated and during that time he requested more explicit photos and sexual activity.

On April 17th the GBI searched Scott Swanson’s business and found more explicit photos of children including some of the victim. He was arrested on April 24th of this year. When questioned, Swanson admitted to a GBI agent that he was the person communicating with the girl.



Scott Swanson was extradited to Pennsylvania and was arraigned this week on five counts of criminal solicitation and one count of corruption of minors. He is currently in the Wyoming County Correctional Facility on $1 Million Bond. He was also indicted earlier this month on federal child pornography charges. He’ll have a preliminary hearing on the Pennsylvania charges on September 1st.

Scott P. Swanson is the managing director (also listed in a couple of places as owner) of FishQuest, a specialized tour company base out of Hiawassee. The company offers fishing adventures all over the world and seems to be pretty successful, handling over a thousand clients a year. Most of the trips start at around $3,000 minimum so it must be a pretty lucrative business to be in. They are also listed as Quest Global Angling Adventure.

It seems pretty sad that a smart guy like this with a loving wife and two sons could get himself tangled up with child porn and basically fuck himself for life.


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