The 75 Cent Gang Strikes Again

darrellbutler fraziermack MazaviousRoss

The three dudes pictured above are 18-year-old Darrell Butler, 19-year-old Frazier Mack and 18-year-old Mazavious Ross. Who are they? Well, these three guys from Gainesville, Florida (of course…) are possibly members of a gang. Hopefully they don’t have to bring their gang leader any kind of tribute or anything, else they are screwed after last week’s take.

Last Monday these three morons approached a 17-year-old boy and demanded $5. Being a normal teen he didn’t have very much money on him so the boy have them everything he had on him, a measly .75 cents.

Being as how these three gentlemen (and I do use that term very loosely) didn’t like being played one of them punched the kid in the mouth. It wasn’t very long before Gainesville law enforcement caught the alleged “gang members” and have charged them with robbery and conspiracy and lodged them on bond ranging from $40,000 to $100,000. Hope that .75 was worth it man…


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