Melissa Ann Seestrom Broke Her Phone On A Cop

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Last Thursday evening 18-year-old Amanda Gail Reidinger flagged down a patrol car and complained that her mother’s boyfriend had hit her in the mouth. When police officers spoke with Reidinger’s mother they found that Amanda, who was drunk, had grabbed her mother by the hair and pulled her out of her car, then punched and kicked her. They placed Amanda under arrest and while trying to put her in the back of the car she kicked him in the chest several times, resisting arrest. He finally restrained Amanda with wrist and ankle cuffs.

Amanda’s BFF, 18-year-old Melissa Ann Seestrom (MySpace) was having none of this. She started protesting the arrest and was told twice by officers to go inside her home but she starting cursing the officers, walking up to one of them blowing cigarette smoke in his face. Then she struck him in the head with her cell phone, hard enough to break the damn thing.

What might have been a simple domestic battery charge turned into just a bit more for these trailer-trash “beauties” (not!). Reidinger is being held without bond on charges of Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer and Battery-Domestic Violence and her bud Seestrom is being held in the Volusia County Jail on $1500 bond on charges of Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer and Disorderly Intoxication.


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