Brunswick Police Identify the Dead in Mass Slaying

Police in Brunswick, GA have released the names of the eight people killed in what might be a mass shooting in a mobile home park in Brunswick. I had already posted the names of some of the vicitims but the list is: 44-year-old Russell D. Toler, 29-year-old Russell D. Toler Jr., 22-year-old Chrissy Toler, 15-year-old Michelle Toler, 19-year-old Michael Toler (the man who died in a Savannah hospital), 40-year-old Brenda Gail Falagan, 46-year-old Guy Heinze Sr and 31-year-old Joseph West.

Guy Heinze Jr is the man who found the bodies and called 911 shortly after 8AM on Sunday morning. Police later arressted Heinze on drug charges as well as lying to police and messing with a crime scene. His first court appearance is tomorrow.

The identity of the 9th victim has still not been released and remains in critical condition. From what I understand it is a small child.

Police also released the 911. I haven’t downloaded it yet but from the transcript:

Heinze: My Dad’s dead, my uncle’s dead. There’s like six. My whole family’s dead! It looks like they’ve been beaten to death. I don’t know what to do, man.

After that he went back inside and discovered his cousin Michael still breathing.

Heinze: Michael’s alive, tell them to hurry! He’s beat up! His face is smashed in.

The GBI finished it’s autopsies on the family yesterday but they haven’t released a cause of death yet. The Brunswick Police still say they haven’t arrested any suspects.

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