Jeffery McKecknie Tried to Hook Up With a 15-Year-Old


39-year-old Jeffery Allen McKecknie (also goes by Jeffery Andrew McKerry and Jerry Andrew McKerry) is a registered violent sex offender from Nashville. Adhering to the pattern of most pedophiles Jeffery decided to offend again. This time around he met a 15-year-old girl from Carroll County, GA on Facebook. After communicating for a while and sending nude pictures of himself to the girl they decided to hook up. Luckily the girl’s mother actually pays attention to what her daughter is doing and noticed the online communication as well as text messages. She called the police.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office learned Friday that McKecknie had left Nashville and was trying to make it to Carroll County. He had sent several text messages to the girl as he made his way here. What made it a bit more difficult (and easy at the same time it turns out) is that McKecknie was having to hitchhike to get here.

Saturday morning the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department found McKecknie on I-20 near the Carroll-Douglas county line and holding up a sign and trying to reach South Carroll County. He has been arrested and is being held without bond in the Carroll County Jail. He may also face charges in Tennessee as an absconded predator.

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