Casey Anthony to Face Trial For Check Fraud

Judge Stan Strickland has denied the defense motion to delay Casey Anthony’s check fraud case until after her murder trial and at some point soon Amy Huizenga will get her day in court.

This also means that when the murder case goes to trial next year Casey Anthony will be a convicted felon and under Florida’s “prior bad acts” rules it may be admissible in court.

H/T to Blink on Crime.

Also in relation to the murder trial, apparently the duct tape used on Caylee Anthony’s body was a very “rare” type of duct tape. The defense has argued that the duct tape made by Henkel is very common but according to the state the type found on her remains was industrial, fire-resistant and is a very small fraction of all the tape sold by Henkel which could be a major setback for the defense in the upcoming murder trial. The tape is similar to that found on a gas can in the Anthony home.

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