Alfredo Canchola: Pedophile Pleads Not Guilty


27-year-old Alfredo Granados Canchola of Artesia California is currently sitting in the Orange County Jail after having pleaded not guilty to several different charges yesterday which include kidnapping and sexual acts with a minor.

Canchola has been charged with assaulting several girls and is suspected in several more cases involving the assault on minors ranging in age from 10-years-old to 16.

The most recent act by this scumbag was when he pulled up to a 10-year-old girl in Anaheim in his Lexus last month and asked her if she knew someone. The girl told him no and started to walk away. Canchola got out of the car and started to follow her with a handful of cash, telling her that she could have the cash in she would “come in the car with him”.

The little girl jumped on her scooter and took off to find her father, who managed to get all but the last number off the license plate of Canchola’s car before he managed to get away.

Now if they would just institute the death penalty for scumbags like this. I certainly don’t look at it as a deterrent measure or even punitive for that matter but it damn sure would stop repeat offenders like Canchola permanently.


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