Alan Jones Trial Begins Tuesday

photo by Gary Walts 9-26-08
Alan Jones, Palermo, step brother of 11 year old Erin Maxwell whose death has been labled by state police as a homicide.

It’s been almost a year now since Alan Jones was arrested but the trial for the death of Erin Maxwell finally begins tomorrow. Most likely the only thing that will happen tomorrow will be jury selection but it’s possible that they will get into opening statements before the close of the day. The biggest thing is to make sure that an impartial jury is seated as there may already be issues from the Maxwell’s trial that will allow an appeal of their respective verdicts.

According to Jones he found Erin Maxwell unconscious and hanging from a green braided string attached to a screw by her window. Erin died the next morning at the hospital. He says he had been taking her dinner when he found her.

The official version from the coroner is that she died of asphyxia with sexual trauma as a significant condition contributing to her death but not related to the cause. It says that her injury happened as she was assaulted by another. Police and the district attorney believe that Alan Jones was that other.


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