Stephon Bennett Needs to Get a Clue


This seems like just another run-of-the-mill criminal up in Columbus Ohio. 20-year-old Stephon Bennett was one of three men that robbed a couple on the city’s north side a couple of nights ago. The thieves got away and police were called. Bad day for the victim’s, right?

Maybe not.

A couple of hours after the robbery Stephon returned to the scene of the crime in order to ask the woman out on a date. WTF was he thinking? The woman recognized Bennett immediately and spoke with him while her cousin called the police who showed up pretty quickly and arrested him on aggravated robbery charges. The other two robbers are still at large but judging from Bennett’s brainiac behavior it won’t be long before they are behind bars as well.

Bennett was arraigned in Franklin County earlier today and is lodged in the Franklin County Jail on $100,000 bond.


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