Three Arrested in Meth Lab Bust Near Mt. Zion

Mt. Zion is right down the road from where I’m at. I know that meth is pretty prevalent all over the country but it seems to be the drug of choice in quite a few rural and semi-rural areas.

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The three folks pictured above are 24-year-old Brian Harris (MySpace), 26-year-old Brandon Sprewell (MySpace) and 27-year-old Jennifer Farmer (MySpace). They look like some fine upstanding folks here but as anyone that’s dealt with a bunch of meth-heads will tell you, that shit is prevalent everywhere and unfortunately even the brightest and best can get messed up on that stuff. Whether these folks sampled their wares or not I don’t know but they were certainly making the shit.

Police in Carroll County have been investigating these folks for about three months. They received a tip earlier in the summer about a meth lab but when they got to the alleged place the buildings had been abandoned and burned down.

Another anonymous tip was received earlier this week about a mobile home that was being used as a meth lab and seven members of ACE (Aggressive Criminal Enforcement) team got to the home around 5 PM Tuesday. Nobody answered when they knocked on the door but when they walked around to a detached garage one of the investigators smelled a “distinct chemical odor”.

At that point the officers left to get a search warrant. The smell along with the findings in the earlier investigation was enough for a judge to provide them with one. They returned to the trailer and knocked again. When the knock went unanswered the officers entered the home through the unlocked door. Harris and Sprewell were asleep in the home. During the search they found methamphetamine along with a meth lab and other related paraphernalia.

Jennifer Farmer happened to pull up while the police were there and when she was questioned by police she admitted she was aware of the boys making meth in the home where oh by the way, she lives with her three children, which is the single solitary reason for these three to be written about here.

If you want to sit at home and blow your brains out on meth, that’s your deal. I don’t care until it starts to effect other people. Making it, on the other hand, I have a problem with. If you are creating meth then you are a menace and a danger to everyone around you and if those folks around you are children who can’t choose the situation they are in, you’re a damned douchebag who deserves to have your children taken away and put in a home where someone will truly love them and take care of them.

In addition to the meth, or maybe because of it, the trailer was allegedly disgusting. According to the story every step you took through the place you heard the crunching of cockroaches all over the floor. Yuck.

Brian Harris, Brandon Sprewell and Jennifer Farmer are all lodged in the Carroll County Jail waiting on bond hearings.


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  1. This is my next door neibors I knew they where up to no good.Partying for days raisen hell shooting guns at nignt. 4 wheelers coming and going in midle of the night.I didn’t know what to do.We did feed and water the kids and there skin and bone dog.

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