Brandi Badillo Wanted a Baby


27-year-old Brandy Marrie Badillo has things many 27-year-old women wish they had. She has her youth, she’s part owner of a restaurant called the Road Stop in The Dalles, Oregon; she’s…well she’s…actually, that whole lazy eye thing is sort of creeping me out. That’s what my left eye does except mine is a little worse. Particularly if I’m tired. I hope my damned lazy eye creeps people as much as Brandi’s is creeping me out right now.

So she’s young and successful and might be good-looking in a 18th-beer sort of way, but you know, sooner or later a woman realizes her biological clock is ticking away and wants a baby. Juggling a successful career and a child is quite a daunting task for a woman but it’s really difficult to run a restaurant and be pregnant. Hell, I run three restaurants and it’s difficult at times even without being pregnant. Brandy still had a few options:

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1. Brandy could have been a foster mom. There are plenty of babies in need of loving parents who can take care of them and protect them from harm. Hell, just look at the three kids whose mother I wrote about last night living in a roach-infested meth lab…Then again you never quite know what you’ll get as a foster parent and some kids need that bit of extra love and attention. The hours required in running a restaurant and very conducive to caring for a special needs child. I’m certainly not saying it’s not possible but Brandy’s career choice just doesn’t make for a superior foster relationship.

2. She could have adopted. You get to be a bit pickier than with foster kids but damn, sometimes the waiting list for an actual baby is quite long, it can be expensive, there are training classes and background checks, oh and yeah, some agencies want a psychological evaluation. I’m not saying anything but that might have proven to be a problem considering that Brandy took option number 3 below.

3. Hire someone to steal a baby for you. Quick and easy and while it can be expensive to get the right kind of help in this instance there is always someone looking to make a quick buck or two. You just gotta hope it’s not an undercover cop…

So Brandy picked option number three. Judging from the fact that prior to the incident Brandy wore maternity clothes, had a baby shower, took sick days off of work and even prepared a baby nursery at home she might be missing a crouton or two in her salad.

So the police somehow got wind of what Brandy was up to last week and when they heard she was looking to hire a baby stealer they provided her with two. Brandy allegedly gave the two undercover detectives money as well as guns and even told them the baby she wanted. She wanted the two men to kidnap the two-month-old baby of a former neighbor.

Lucky for the baby as well as it’s mother, Brandy found the two men she did. After receiving a plan, money and guns they arrested her on charges of kidnapping, conspiracy and solicitation to commit kidnapping and locked her ass up in the Northern Oregon Regional Correctional Facility on $533,000 bond. Her attorney of course is denying that it happened but that’s a bit difficult when you’re caught in the middle of a sting like this. Her next court appearance is Friday.

Brandy Badillo Charge Information.


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