Cedrick Salter is an Asshole


28-year-old Cedrick Bontray Salter of Tampa, Florida and his 29-year-old Girlfriend SaQuanda Tamika Simon had a pretty shaky relationship. Some people are just not made to be together, but it’s just too bad that SaQuanda didn’t figure that one out earlier. Back in March he was arrested after threatening to stab her in the neck with a screwdriver. She managed to escape that time.

Salter and his girlfriend got into an argument earlier this week that ended up escalating into a violent disagreement that ended up with Cedrick shooting SaQuanda in the upper body body…while she was holding one of their 18-month twin daughters. He had apparently been trying to call her on the phone all day and when he wasn’t able to get through Salter broke into her home Tuesday night, which is when the killing occurred.

Luckily for the child she was uninjured during the shooting but now she, along with her other three siblings, now has no mother thanks to the asshole pictured above.

A judge in Hillsborough County denied bond for Salter yesterday. He has been charged with Murder, Armed Burglary and False Imprisonment and oh, by the way, does it surprise anyone that Cedrick is no stranger to the Hillsborough County Jail? It looks like they might keep a special cell for this reject from the gene pool with 6 arrests all the way back to 2000 counting this one on charges that include battery, grand theft, false imprisonment, criminal mischief, domestic violence, obstructing an officer, driving with a suspended license, possession of cocaine, possession of coke with intent to sell and driving with a revoked license.

Salter also goes by Woogie or the Woogieman as he is a local Tampa DJ. His MySpace is here.


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