Aimee Sword Arrested for Incest


This is one of those stories that on the face of it looks like a woman with some serious issues but once you do a little digging there is quite a bit more information and now I’m not so sure. Not sure enough that I wasn’t going to post this initially.

The story that the mainstream media is reporting is that 35-year-old Aimee Louise Sword a.k.a. Aimee Pope of Waterford Michigan was arrested on three counts of criminal sexual conduct. They say they she allegedly met with her son that she gave up for adoption at least ten years ago and began to form a relationship with him over the summer and the two ended up having sex.

Ewww…If it’s true this is just nasty.


That’s basically it for most of the media and all the police have released from their reports. There are also some other rumors such as what was posted over at Mlive yesterday. This was snagged by Mlive from the Oakland Press but the comment has since been removed from their site:

Now that the Oakland Press has found it neccesary to write a one sided story, I’ll fill in the missing details. Yes a son was given up for adoption, yes He found her on the internet, or actually they found each other. They met with the permission of the adopted parents, and were able to spend time together to allow him to meet his siblings. This boy was 15 at the time and had emotional problems, had been in trouble with the law and threatened his adoptive parents, also diagnosed as being bipolar. This should have been a sign to proceed with caution. The Oakland press reports as if she tracked him down for sex, which is ludicrous. This was meetings and visits that spanned over a summer to reconnect a family. When things didn’t go his way threats were made. Well now those threats have come to light. There are other children to be considered here, that love their mother very much. Before people judge her, lets get the facts. Our court system is innocent until proven guilty!!!!! When the truth comes out I hope the Oakland press will report the truth with accuracy. We all feel for the boy, but putting an innocent woman through this is unjust. He needs serious help.

Another commenter over at MLive says that he knew Sword when she was around 20 and basically has snakes in her head. Of course both of these comments should be taken with a grain of salt. People always claim to know exactly what is going on when they really don’t have a clue.

The reason I didn’t post the URL for Aimee’s MySpace is because she has canceled her account. If you really want it just do a Google search, it’s linked on a bunch of sites. There is another one that’s still live that appears to not have been logged into since April but I’m not 100% sure it’s her.

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