Missing Yale Student Annie Le Found Dead


The last few days the disappearance of Yale grad student Annie Le has been all over the news. She was last seen entering a medical research building Tuesday at around 10 A.M. and has not been seen since. Yale has offered a $10,000 reward in the disappearance of Le, who was to be married this week in New York.

Bloody clothes were found hidden in ceiling tiles in the building where Le was last seen as well and investigators were testing those clothes earlier today.

The latest news I’ve seen is that police have now announced that it’s no longer a missing person’s case. They have declared it a homicide and police in New Haven have found the remains of a person in the Amistad Building of Yale and are assuming it is Le but will not confirm that it is in fact her.

Updated – Police have positively identified the body as that of Annie Le. They also now have a suspect in the murder. Several of the reports I’ve read state that it is a student, however the New Haven Police have said a couple of times that no students are involved in the case. They are also saying they are pretty sure this was no random violence and that the murderer was someone who knew Annie.

Update II – Reports from earlier this evening where that a student had been questioned and had failed a lie detector test. They also said that the suspect had defensive wounds. A police spokesman is denying reports that they have a suspect in custody.

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