Who Shot Tiffany Wright?

Just before dawn this morning15-year-old Tiffany Wright of Charlotte, NC was walked to the bus stop by her foster mother just like most mornings. Her foster mother returned to the house and heard at least three gunshots. When she went back outside she found Tiffany lying in the street shot in the head. The girl was rushed to Carolinas Medical Center where she later died.

Tiffany, who attended Hawthorne High School, was eight months pregnant. Doctors were able to deliver the baby, who is listed as being in critical condition.

Police aren’t releasing much information other than the fact that Tiffany was targeted, this was the result of a domestic situation and they have a suspect whose name they are not yet ready to reveal.


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  1. i believe mt mitchell killed this beautiful girl because he raped her and didnt want to go to jail. He should be released into the community and let street justice prevail. Such a tragedy this young girl had such a troublesome life, and tragic ending. Seems god had better plans for her, she is needed there and has work to do. God bless her family, her daughter who will never know such a loving mom, and her friends I pray for you all. I dont know her but I too was adopted, and all you hope for is love and someone snatched that away from her. May mr Mitchell have hell on earth evert last day he is here, and may he rest in hell for all eternity. Rip Tiffany, you were loved by many.

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