September 15, 2009

Updated – Troy Dale West is a Racist Who Beat Up a Female Army Reservist

If you’re ever having car trouble down in south Georgia between Albany and Tifton, try not to stop at Troy’s Paint & Body & Auto Salvage on Highway 82, particularly if you are an American serviceman or happen to be black because the racist that owns the place just might try to beat you to…Read more

Roberto Bonilla-Canizales Tried to Kidnap a 14 Year Old

Sunday afternoon 39-year-old Roberto Bonilla-Canizales attempted to abduct a 14-year-old girl who was sitting next to a canal in Davie, Florida. He pulled up to the girl in his pickup truck, got out and tried to pull her into the vehicle. The victim managed to fight free and took off until she found a group…Read more

Brian Cole Wanted His Big Mac

Back on August 24th a state trooper in New Castle, Indiana noticed what looked like an emergency vehicle driving pretty aggressively down state highway 3 with flashing red and blue lights. Whoever was driving the pickup truck would get right up on people‚Äôs tail ends until they pulled out of the lane and a couple…Read more