Brian Cole Wanted His Big Mac


Back on August 24th a state trooper in New Castle, Indiana noticed what looked like an emergency vehicle driving pretty aggressively down state highway 3 with flashing red and blue lights. Whoever was driving the pickup truck would get right up on people’s tail ends until they pulled out of the lane and a couple of times almost caused an accident. The trooper followed, not sure what the emergency was.

He found out pretty quickly when the truck stopped at McDonalds. Turns out that the emergency was just two young guys with the munchies. 19-year-old Brian E. Cole (MySpace 1 & 2) and 20-year-old Terry J. Rhyndress (MySpace) were just really hungry.

When Cole was questioned by the trooper he told the officer that he was from the country and allowed to do more out there because it was more lenient where he lives. Then he told the trooper that all the kids put those kinds of lights in the front window and he didn’t think he’s done anything wrong.

Both Cole and Rhyndress was arrested on charges of impersonation of a public servant, a misdemeanor, and Cole received a couple of traffic citations as well.

In the great scheme of things these two fucktards are small fish but damn, if you were so friggin’ hungry that you were willing to run people off the road couldn’t you find someplace better than McDonalds?

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