Kym Krocza Kept a Clean House



41-year-old Kym Krocza (Facebook), a math teacher at Grant Community High School in Fox Lake, Illinois has been arrested for allegedly supplying neighborhood girls with alcohol, marijuana and Zoloft for helping her clean the house and do laundry.

She has been charged with Contributing to the Delinquency of a Juvenile. The alleged incidents took place back in January and February. One of the girls’ mothers found out about what was going on and tipped police off to it.

Krocza posted bond Tuesday evening and is due back in court on September 18th.


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8 throughts on "Kym Krocza Kept a Clean House"

  1. Why did parents allow their kids to go to her house in the first place? Kids should hang out with other kids their age; not someone 20+years older than them. If they wanted to “help clean”, why didn’t Mom and Dad say fine…help clean here?
    Seriously what parent of any teenager BELIEVES their kids want to go somewhere to help clean house?
    Sounds like a couple of things going on here, parents who aren’t paying attention until it’s too late; an adult with obvious problems hanging out with kids, and kids being kidsw without supervision.
    GEESH……..throw the book at her

  2. I helped ms. Krocza clean her house when her basement was flooding. she has never offered me drugs, or even mentioned doing drugs or acted inappropriately in any way while around me, or any other student I know at Grant high.
    She is a good teacher and is well liked and respected by most of the students here. I believe the accusations against her are completely untrue, and that she is being harassed unfairly.
    ~a student at Grant High.

  3. They went over there because she was originally helping her train her puppy and had a pool. And lots of young kids love swimming. And they weren’t going over there to just do chores. Origianally it was ‘low and behold’….. homework help. Why not let your kid go to the sucessful teacher for homework help. The parents knew her as well, in fact both sets of parents had been to her house too. And she didn’t reward them for chores with pot and booze she paid them rarely with money but mostly with gifts such as taking them out to dinner or to the salon with her. That part of the story is actually wrong, she is being charged with giving them illegal substances for a minor but not in exchange for chores. I am actually related to one of the victims and know the other as well. And quite frankly if a young teen is offered drugs and booze by a trusted adult, it is a bit of an encouragement to start in the first place. And yes they should have known better but they are still just kids!

  4. That would be why she was arrested and not them and yes I expect teenagers to act like that (or worse) but I expect adults to help look out for them, particularly if they are in a position of trust.

  5. ms. krocza was the most innocent person ive ever met!! she was the leader of the enviromental club, helped the needy, and got student the help they needed! all the people out there who think she is guilty are WRONG!! i understand you have a right to your opinion but in this case it doesnt matter. i think i speak for all the students when i say that she is innocent and we will not let this go until we prove that!

  6. Proof, like photos of her and a former student engaging in drug use will be leaked shortly. She sought out the “troubled kids” to entice, so that may be why a lot of her students (the untrouble ones, I suppose) are defending her. She had a public persona and another one that involved smoking pot and drinking wine with SOME of her students, not all. Yes, kids talk, but I am willing to be the proof is going to eventually come out. She’s a master manipulator with major issues. I just feel sorry for her students, the “troubled” ones for falling into her grip, and the “untroubled” ones who may have never seen that side of her. Karma is a bitch, and it’s biting her right now, she’s been doing this for almost a decade.

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