Andrew Shields Sliced a Cats Throat


All the way back on June 18th of this year 22-year-old Andrew Blaine Shields allegedly sliced open a cat’s jugular vein and also cut it’s thigh. The cat, whose name is Bob, went through emergency cat surgery and somehow survived the ordeal, which is simply amazing to me. I’m a cat person so this was nice to hear (the part about it surviving).

Shields, who is from Braselton, Georgia turned himself in today to police and was lodged in the Gwinnett County Jail. He was released on bond shortly after seven this evening.

The warrant for Shields wasn’t obtained until the end of August and when Shields found out he had one he turned himself in to deputies.

What the hell was he thinking?

Gwinnet County Inmate Release Record.


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4 throughts on "Andrew Shields Sliced a Cats Throat"

  1. you ppl are sick you have no idea who andrew is and he did not do it. i know because i know the whole situation and you ppl should not be sitting here saying he did it… since especially there was no weapon found you dumb asses.
    bob did have his neck side and leg cut… but the stupid forensic scientist who came to the house did not search everywhere or under the bed where the whole incident started so maybe you fucking retards should get your facts straight before you start talking.

  2. The ‘facts’ are the ones in the police report. You are right that I probably don’t have the whole story, perhaps you would care to enlighten us.

  3. I’ve known Shields for about 7 years. Despite what people may think of him, I know he’s a good dude at heart. He explained the situation to me, and I really hope he was being honest. Apparently, the owners of the cat hate Andrew because their daughter is in a relationship with him. Even the girlfriend, who was with him when the cat was found bleeding, vouched for his story that he had nothing to do with the cat’s injuries. Everyone seems to forget the headline. “man ACCUSED of slicing cats throat”. I thought everyone is innocent until proven guilty. If he is found guilty for these crimes, I will really be ashamed. I truely hope and believe he was wrongfully accused, but it’s in the court’s hands now. Give the guy a break, but if proven guilty, have your way with him.

  4. I have known Andrew for a few years and I can tell you right now, HE DID NOT HURT THIS CAT. As a matter of fact he loves Bob, the cat. He had several pictures on his camera phone of Bob. And he cried when Bob got hurt. But Andrew’s girlfriend has a wacky family and just because they dont like Andrew they blamed him for Bob’s injuries. Andrew is the person who called the police when Bob was found injured because he wanted to know who would hurt that cat and why.
    The fact that his girlfriends Mom blasted this across the media and accomplished exactly what she set out to do, Which is make Andrew look bad…sickens me. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Keep that in mind. I’m sure that 90% of the people with bad headlines next to their names and faces, really did “do the deed” but in this case…you got the wrong guy.
    Pssst, look under the couches. I’ll bet you’ll find some springs with old blood on them. Bob hurt himself.

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