Casey Anthony's Attorneys File Motion to Dismiss the Case


Casey Anthony’s trial isn’t scheduled yet but is most likely going to be taking place sometime in 2010. The closer it gets to time for the trial the more motions that the Anthony defense team seems to want to file. I guess that’s what lawyers get paid for.

This week the several motions that were filed today include one in which the defense team is requesting that the murder case be dismissed because their experts were not allowed to inspect the area where Caylee Anthony’s body was found until eight days after it was discovered.

They are also asking that the Orange County Jail stop videotaping her visits with Anthony’s lawyers and family. That’s probably even more ludicrous than the first motion simply because it would affect everyone incarcerated in the Orange County Jail as well as Florida’s Sunshine laws.

There is some more information as well, you can check it out at the Orlando Sentinel, linked below. H/T to Leslie for bringing this to my attention.


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