Becca Crouch Was REALLY Mad


Rebekah Leigh ‘Becca’ Crouch was arrested and charged with Assault With a Deadly Weapon this past Monday after she allegedly ran over her husband’s friend who she thought was threatening her marriage.

This chick must really have some self-image issues if she’s that worried about her husband being taken away by a dude…

According to police reports officers in Midwest City, Oklahoma were called the their house Monday night around 11PM. Becca had gotten into an argument with Matthew Dowling because she believed he was trying to break up her marriage. Her husband tried to break up the argument by walking his buddy outside. Crouch allegedly got into her Camry and hit Dowling with it. She was arrested on the scene and booked into the Midwest City Jail on $7,500 bond.

Dowling was taken to the hospital with multiple skull fractures.


Becca Crouch’s MySpace.

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