Brian Jennings Sent Some Porn to School


I’m not one of those people that consider porn ‘evil’ or think it should be eradicated provided there aren’t any children involved but hey, keep that shit on your computer. I just don’t see any reason why I would ever want to load porn onto my Blackberry or iPod. Where do you listen to music? Gym, driving, running, flying somewhere, etc…None of those are places where you would want to be seen choking the chicken. Apparently 28-year-old Brian Jennings of Winter Haven, Florida sees it a bit differently than I do though. Maybe he shares his computer with his girlfriend and is afraid of her finding out that he watches it. A bit late for that now I guess.

Jennings loaded his iPod Nano up with a bunch of porn and unfortunately some of it has been identified as child pornography after his girlfriend’s son took it to school without his permission and found the pictures, which he decided to show to his friends. Ooops. The Nano was confiscated and the investigation was turned over to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested him and charged Jennings with 10 counts of Sexual Performance by a Child.


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