Larry Jones Cut His Wife's Hair


Some people are just serious control freaks. They can’t bear to be apart from their spouses for fear that they might do “something” when really it’s just their own issues. Take 34-year-old Larry D. Jones from Evansville, Indiana for instance. His wife Clara drove to Louisville, Kentucky for a friend’s wedding this week and met up with a cousin and friends. Her husband called her and was angry, accusing her of running around with men.

When she drove back to Evansville her husband started in on her by cutting up her credit cards and clothes in their bedroom. Then he took her out into the living room and told their daughter “We are going to cut Mommy’s hair”. Jones cut her braids off and then shaved her head with electric trimmers and a straight razor before dumping a beer on her head. When she tried to call 911 he husband snatched her cell phone and threatened to kill her.

Eventually Jones let her out of the house to throw away the clothing and she tried to call 911 again but he came up from behind her and grabbed the phone again, choking her. He dragged her through the gras back into the house.

Somehow either one of her calls made it through 911 or a neighbor must have called the police because they did show up about 6:30 Thursday morning. Larry was arrested for Criminal Confinement, Domestic Battery including Strangulation and Interference with Reporting a Crime. He was to have had a bond hearing Friday but I don’t yet know the results of that.

When police questioned Larry Jones he told them he had ‘lost it’ and claimed his wife was with a boyfriend from Kenya. His statement to police also said “I bought her those clothes and gave her money for her hair and this is what she does. The only time I might have choked her is when I was holding her down to cut her hair. I’d never hurt that girl though“. WTF?

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  1. Dr. Hare, the well known psychologist who wrote “Without Conscience” states in his book that psychopaths give off these contradictory clues in their speech all the time. It’s one of the things to look for.

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