Updated – Roman Polanski Arrested for Sex with a Teen

It’s all about good timing.

Back in 1977, eight years after his actress wife Sharon Tate was brutally murdered by Susan Atkins at the behest of Charles Manson, film director Roman Polanski pleaded guilty to having sex with 13-year-old Samantha Geimer. Before he could be sentenced in the U.S. he fled the country, settling in France where he eventually remarried and had two children.

Over the years attorneys for Polanski have tried to get the charges dismissed but the fact that Polanski refused to attend any of the hearings leaves a bad taste in the mouth of prosecutors and argue that it would be wrong for a man to go free who ‘drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl’. I tend to agree with them. I don’t care who Polanski is or what he’s directed. The dude admitted to having raped a 13-year-old girl and then like a coward fled the country. Fuck him, he needs to sit his ass in jail for a while with the other child molesters. Just because he’s famous and rich, why should this child molester be allowed to wander free without facing his punishment?

Susan Atkins, “Sadie Mae Glutz”, the woman who killed Polanski’s wife, passed away this past week and in an entirely unrelated matter Polanski was arrested in Switzerland on the outstanding warrant for his 1977 conviction and is being held awaiting a possible extradition.

Updated 9/29/09 – Apparently a bunch of directors are now demanding Polanski’s release. Among them are Woody Allen, the pedophile who slept with his underage stepdaughter. Now there’s a surprise. NOT. The film makers are objecting to the fact that Polanski was arrested en-route to an international event.

Polanski is also appealing his extradition to the United States.

Updated 9/30/09 – I don’t read Newsweek very often but I came across a pretty good article about this over there. Go check it out.

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  1. i bet nothing comes of it..even if they bring him back..they are going to have a hard time convicting him with the 13 year old, who is now all grown up..wants the charges dropped against him…he’ll get community service or somthing..

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