Archie Whalen and Haley Willett Found


43-year-old Archie Whalen from New York has a checkered history there which include convictions for rape, burglary, sexual contact with a minor and assault and he is obviously a registered sex offender because of it.

At some point in the last couple of years Tammy Ward and her daughter, 13-year-old Haley Dawn Willett, made the acquaintance of Whalen when he and they were living in Maine. I don’t currently know the extent of the relationship other than the fact that they lived with him briefly in Maine but what is evident is the fact that somehow he stalked them and followed the family when they moved to Kentucky.

One question I have is that from the interviews that Ward has given it’s evident that she knew about Whalen’s past and yet she still chose to live with the man. However brief the stay was why would a mother put her child in that kind of situation? Obviously I don’t know the circumstances and it may be that it seemed to Ward that they had no choice.

Around 4:30 Saturday morning Haley disappeared and her mother found a text message sent to the phone that she and Haley share, a message sent from a Maine area code where the only person she knew that might look them up was Archie Whalen. Apparently the girl left with Whalen willingly after he promised her cars and cell phones and told her he wanted to marry her and have kids with her when she is older (yuck…). A Nationwide Amber Alert was issued Saturday night (I missed that one apparently) and within 24 hours the two were located in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin pulling into the parking lot of a motel there.


Haley is unharmed and according to law enforcement reports it doesn’t appear as if she was sexually assaulted. They are crediting the Amber Alert for the speedy discovery of the girl and the convicted sex offender.

Whalen has a sister in Wisconsin, which might explain why he was headed there. He is currently being held without bail in Wisconsin and has waived extradition back to Kentucky where he has been charged with Kidnapping. His bond in Kentucky has been set at $25,000 but he may also end up facing Federal charges as well.


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