Jimmy Dominguez is a Loser and a Tool


If this weren’t such a serious story I would be laughing my ass of right now. Oh, OK. I am laughing my ass off. Nobody was killed, maimed or otherwise messed up any more than they already are so it’s safe if you want to laugh at this pack of morons as well.

About 18-months ago 35-year-old Jimmy Santiago Dominguez, Jr. originally from Corpus Christi, Texas met up with 23-year-old Elissa Rodriguez from Illinois. Dominguez is a welder who travels around the country on jobs for weeks or even months at a time. He must be pretty damned good at what he does because he seems to have plenty of money to shower upon this chick, Elissa, that he met at a medical clinic in Aurora, Illinois. As they left the clinic he stopped her and told Elissa she was beautiful. The two exchanged cell numbers and went on their merry way. I’ll tell you what. Having checked out her MySpace page, Elissa isn’t bad looking in sort of a eight-beer sneak out the back door at dawn kind of way, but fuck if I would spend $100k on her either.

Over a period of time the two got to know each other, occasionally in person, but mostly on the phone and through texting. Elissa wasn’t really interested in Dominguez though, just his money. Over the last year and a half Dominguez has sent or spent what looks to be over a hundred grand on the chick. Damn, that’s one expensive piece of ass.

Aside from the gold-digging, here’s where it starts to get ugly. For one thing, Dominguez was pissed because Elissa Rodriguez set his sister up with a man who allegedly gave her herpes and although Dominguez repeatedly told Rodriguez that there were no strings attached it was pretty clear that he did want more. Toward August of this year he started sending Rodriguez text messages such as “you’re my heart. You’re my weakness”. When Rodriguez objected to the messages Dominguez allegedly started acting distant and weird toward her.

Elissa Rodriguez may be a gold-digger but that’s something you can walk away from and start over, but Jimmy Dominguez had plans that weren’t quite so simple and go way the fuck beyond revenge and retaliation.

Dominguez allegedly asked his roommate to help his buddy out by attacking Rodriguez, kidnapping her, slashing her face and burning her car. The way he figured it was that Rodriguez though “she was better than she is” and that disfiguring her would fix that and he could be there to help pick up the pieces.

The roommate rightly enough went to the police and one of them went undercover as someone that wanted to help out with the crimes. Dominguez allegedly told the undercover officer “This is a dirty gig” and made plans for the two men to take care of the woman. They were to drive to Ohio, where Rodriguez was, and commit the crimes there. Luckily enough law enforcement had gotten involved and Jimmy Santiago Rodriguez was arrested and charged with Conspiracy to Commit Mayhem, Kidnapping and Arson.

Now I’m certainly not defending the victim in this case, Elissa Rodriguez, because she is so obviously a user. Once the money started rolling in she even quit her jobs and lived off of Dominguez’ handouts along with her mother. That aside, what Dominguez did, or tried to do, simply was way over the line and if he is found competent to stand trial he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Oh yeah, they have to do a mental evaluation. Apparently he has acted out a suicide attempt in jail and also made comments about how he’s a loser and never could get a girlfriend.

Hey Jimmy, here’s a bit of advice from someone that tapped plenty when he was younger. If you have to pay for it, it ain’t worth it. Oh yeah, shave that shit off too while you’re at it.


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2 throughts on "Jimmy Dominguez is a Loser and a Tool"

  1. I feel bad for the guy she must have no education and if she lives with the mom, they must be on welfare. I guess her next step would be prostitute or a stripper. What a fucken bitch. I hope he gets off.

  2. she is a gold-digging bitch who lead my cousin on!!!!!If the bitch didnt want a relationship with him she should have never took anything from him. Think about it she took his gifts and money for a year what did she expect that it was because he only wanted to be friends how stupid could she be! So for woman like this watch yourself and don’t take advantage of men!!!

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