Roberto Bonilla-Canizales Tried to Kidnap a 14 Year Old


Sunday afternoon 39-year-old Roberto Bonilla-Canizales attempted to abduct a 14-year-old girl who was sitting next to a canal in Davie, Florida. He pulled up to the girl in his pickup truck, got out and tried to pull her into the vehicle. The victim managed to fight free and took off until she found a group of her friends.

One of the witnesses to the attack managed to follow Bonilla-Canizales and get the license plate number, who apparently lives in the same trailer park as the girl and her mother. When police arrived and determined where the man lived the girl was able to identify her attacker and the truck.

Bonilla-Canizales is currently lodged in the Broward County Jail on no bond for charges of Kidnapping.

Inmate Information.

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