October 1, 2009

David McBurnett Beat His Girlfriend's Son to Death

19-year-old David McBurnett Jr. (MySpace) beat his 19-year-old girlfriend Breanna Underwood’s (MySpace 1, 2 and 3) son one-year-old Hunter Morris for months leaving the little boy with bruises, broken bones and almost brain dead. According to police McBurnett hit the child many times on his hands and feet with a remote control because the little…Read more

Janet Lee is a Veteran of the Psychic Wars

Every now and then I’ll get an email from a self-proclaimed psychic concerning whatever the big case in the news happens to be at the time. Mostly concerning Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony. The thing is, I pretty much share the same view as Morbid (and who I stole this story from) when it comes…Read more

Gina Mule Hid Pot in Her Baby's Crib

Here’s yet another mother who doesn’t deserve the title of her child. 23-year-old Gina Marie Mule (MySpace 1 and Current MySpace) of Walker County, Georgia (just south of Chattanooga, TN) was arrested for running a drug dealing operation out of her house. Police went to serve a search warrant at the house on Tuesday and…Read more

Updated – Tessa Zelek Found Guilty on All Charges – Gets 70 years in Prison

25-year-old Tessa Noel Zelek, the Atlanta mother of 13-month-old twins accused of almost starving her children to death has been found guilty of child cruelty, deprivation of a minor and forgery after the jury deliberated for an hour today. Tessa and her husband 25-year-old  James Alvin McCart were too busy forging prescriptions for methadone and…Read more

Cleotus Bryant Killed His Wife and then Took His Own Life

Carrollton, GA police found 70-year-old Cleotus Bryant and his 76-year-old wife Frances dead in their home on River Drive this afternoon. Preliminary reports are that both were shot with a .38 and that Cleotus Bryant shot and killed his wife and then committed suicide, taking his own life with the same gun. The GBI Crime…Read more